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How Do I Cope With My Super-Sensitive Husband?

Dear Shaunti: My husband is great at many things, but sometimes he struggles with getting a new task accomplished.  Like, he’s great at carpentry, but it might take him two or three days to figure out how to create a new type of bookcase I want for the kids’ bedroom.  But when I offer an opinion or suggest a solution,…read more →

Should I Pray For God to Make Me More … Um … Amorous?

Dear Shaunti, Since sex is so important to my husband, and since you say it’s really about a man feeling desired by his wife, what can I do to get engaged and interested instead of just “accommodating” him? I know that just “going along with it” would be pretty depressing for him. But to be honest, I don’t feel that…read more →

How Often Do Men Need to Have Sex?

Dear Shaunti, You’re the researcher, so please tell me the real answer: How often do guys need to have sex?  I just don’t think about sex much; I guess it isn’t a need for me.  But my husband says he thinks about it all the time, and he gets crabby that I’m often too tired.  Even though I can go…read more →

Don’t Spaz Over His Need for Space

Dear Shaunti: My husband and I haven’t been married very long, and I am scared about something. We have never fought much, but just had our first horrible argument. I was expecting him to “make up” with a hug or something, but he wouldn’t. Instead, he mumbled something about needing to run errands, grabbed his keys, and took off! When…read more →

Wives, if you earn more than he does, show even more appreciation

Welcome to Marriage Mondays! Each Monday, join me as I share my top findings on the little, eye-opening things about men, women, and relationships that make a big difference in creating great marriages. iStock Tip #49: Wives, if you earn more than he does, show even more appreciation As women’s earning power has changed over the last fifty years, so have marriage dynamics –…read more →

Think Before You Ask: The Statements Your Questions Make

Dear Shaunti: I just got married to a great guy who has always loved my inquisitive, problem-solving nature.  Or at least he used to.  Lately, he has been getting more and more annoyed with it.  He shuts down so easily.  Or if I ask a simple question he acts as if it is the ultimate disloyalty.   For example, our landlord…read more →

Taking a “Second Glance” at a Woman

When I was writing my book For Women Only, one of the subjects I struggled with the most was what I was learning about men’s visual nature, and the fact that even the most godly, devoted husband had an automatic temptation to notice when an attractive woman who was showing off her figure walked by.   Of course, we all hope…read more →