I’m Shaunti Feldhahn – a social researcher, author, and semi-confused wife and mom finding my way just like you. But I also happen to have an analytical background to investigate the little things that make a big difference! I’m eager to share them with you.

Shaunti & Jeff Feldhahn

My talks have been called transformational. That’s because my husband Jeff and I have interviewed and surveyed tens of thousands of people around the world to discover what most helps people thrive –and because we love to have fun at our events!

I speak to many churches and other faith-based groups each year, but also to universities, corporations, conventions and even governments. (Ask me for the funny story that happened when the Government of Singapore brought me and Jeff in to share our research.) Speaking of Jeff, we make a great team and love doing marriage events together.


Discover “Aha!” moments from Shaunti and Jeff’s research and bestselling books, including For Women Only, For Men Only, The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages, Secrets of Sex & Marriage and more. Multiple formats include a one-session marriage talk, a multi-part marriage seminar, or a Sunday sermon with Jeff and Shaunti exploring God’s intention for marriage. (Be sure to ask how any marriage event can be interactive, and include live, anonymous Q&A and polling with the audience, if desired.)

Laugh, find encouragement, and learn from the best of science AND scripture as Shaunti addresses the challenges of life common to women – and provides practical help each woman can implement the next day! Shaunti helps women understand how to find rest and peace even in the busiest life (e.g. Find Rest, Find Joy), how to better understand the men in their lives (For Women Only), and how a specific kindness hack can change any relationship (The Kindness Challenge). She enjoys any women’s event – from the most intimate women’s retreats to the biggest stadiums. (Be sure to ask about her special women’s retreat package.)

The mental health crisis today is real — but it isn’t the end of the story. Based on more than ten years of research – including her current research study – it is clear that there are many simple things that both organizations (churches, businesses) and individuals (community groups, women’s events) can do. With these talks, you can drive real change in your group – or in your own heart and mind.

Discover how work relationships should work by booking Shaunti for corporate training. A former public policy analyst with experience in the banking industry, Shaunti knows that good leaders know what makes people tick – and they know how to build an engaging work environment and make drama disappear! From understanding the research-based differing perspectives of men and women in the workplace (The Male Factor), to helping your people thrive at home (For Women only, For Men Only), to providing an empirically-tested kindness intervention that can transform your workplace or community (The Kindness Challenge), these talks and trainings are perfect for the workplace, business leaders, church leaders, and marriage and family influencers.

Unlock the parental superpower of understanding your children! Through her nationally representative research, Shaunti will take you inside young people’s minds and help you learn about their longings. Based on For Parents Only, these encouraging, equipping talks are perfect for parents, grandparents, teachers, and young adults – and can stand on their own or be a powerful part of a marriage and family weekend.

Shaunti loves speaking at fundraising events, and even doing “the ask” – and she’s really good at it. Fundraising revenues or sponsorship numbers typically spike with her talks.  With a wide array of subjects to choose from, she can tailor almost any talk to your needs. As a Harvard-trained analyst, she is also skilled at bringing in analysis of your organization and why you are one of the best places the audience should choose to invest.

We are happy to do multiple events in one weekend:

  • Friday night – Date Night Couples Event
  • Saturday – Women’s Event
  • Sunday morning – Churchwide Ministry (during sermon)

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