How to Listen

Guys: 3 ways to listen well to your wife

Men, finish this sentence.  Your wife is upset and says “I don’t want you to fix it, I just want you to ____.” Most of you have heard that… and most of you are confused because you think you are listening!  So, guys, from our research about women here are 3 simple tips to clear up the confusion so you…read more →

Why won’t my wife trust me?

Dear Shaunti, You say that women have worries that pop up in their minds, almost like open windows on a computer. I see that in my wife every day – but to me, it looks like she just doesn’t trust me at all. And it’s become a huge issue in our marriage. For example, I’m in construction today, but years ago…read more →

Husbands, instead of getting frustrated at how much your wife chatters, see it as a signal of a specific need for connection

Christian Post Blog Marriage Monday Tip Of The Day from Shaunti Feldhahn  October 27, 2014  Photo Credit: nathancolquhoun via Compfight cc Tip #35: Husbands, instead of getting frustrated at how much your wife chatters, see it as a signal of a specific need for connection. We all know that women tend to be more talkative and expressive of their emotions than men. In fact,…read more →

Worn Out from Worry: How Can I Help My Wife Stop Obsessing?

Dear Shaunti, I love my wife, but it drives me crazy when she obsesses over something minor, like whether she forgot to send in the money for our son’s field trip, or whether her friend is mad at her because she didn’t return a call. I’ve tried to get her to see that it is making her crazy, too, but…read more →

Want to Fix Your Wife’s Problem? Step 1: Listen. Step 2: Repeat.

Dear Shaunti, My girlfriend tells me all the time that “I don’t want you to fix it; I just want you to listen!” But that’s after I’ve been listening for 10 minutes! Seriously? –Confused Dear Confused, That’s what my husband thought too! Jeff thought “listening” meant to just let me talk about whatever was on my mind, sit there and…read more →

She Would Rather Have Your Ear

When we conducted a national survey of women for our book, For Men Only, my husband Jeff and I learned that one of the highest felt needs for many women was for their husbands to listen to them.  Now, every guy has heard, ‘she doesn’t want you to fix it, she just wants you to listen.’ Most recently, this point…read more →

Loving Her Anyway

If it seems like your wife is picking fights, it’s not to be cruel; she is subconsciously making sure you love her, no matter what.  

For Men Only Audio Book

You love her, you plan to spend the rest of your life with her, but you just can’t figure her out! Thanks to bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn and her husband Jeff you now can have a reliable “map” of what makes women tick. Culled from hundreds of interviews and scientific research, the Feldhahns debunk the notion that women are complicated…read more →

Fighting Back with Love

Women often unintentionally push their man away when she’s hurt and upset about something to see if he really loves her enough to pursue her.  We can be prickly and unloving when we feel insecure or hurt.  But usually what we need in that moment when we are the most difficult to love, is a gentle, persistent reassurance that you…read more →