But What About My Needs

How Healthy He is Matters to Her

I don’t think there are many who would be surprised to hear that in my interviews and surveys with over 1,000 men for my book For Women Only, men emphatically stated that it had an emotional impact to see that their wife was making an effort to take care of herself for him.  It makes a guy feel loved because…read more →

Q & A Taking Thoughts Captive Too

A man who wants to honor God and the woman he loves will fight against the temptation to indulge in intrusive thoughts about other women.  

How Do I Respect Him When He Doesn’t Love Me?

How do I respect him when he doesn’t love me? By Jackie Coleman Monterey, California, Tuesday evening, 6:30 p.m. · Tires screech into the driveway, and the garage door slams shut. He throws his briefcase into the corner of the kitchen, lets out an abbreviated grunt when you ask him how his day was, then mutters, “What’s for dinner?” Atlanta,…read more →

Strangers Among Us

  Overall: after being married for 10+ years we are total strangers to each other and thinking about packing it in. Any advice?  By Jackie Coleman Instant news updates, instant popcorn, instant messaging…instant gratification. Our businesses revolve around efficiency and speedy results. Our grocery stores are filled with foods of convenience. Our technology allows us to communicate with anyone, anywhere,…read more →

Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

Men can’t NOT notice an attractive woman, and sometimes those thoughts pop up in his brain…whether he wants them to or not!