Something Exciting to Share!!

As some of you know, I’m an iSpecialist for iMOM, headed by Susan Merrill – and I love Susan’s heart for parenting with passion according to each of our unique abilities and interests rather than advocating a cookie cutter, copycat approach. She just released her first book The Passionate Mom, and I just HAVE to give it a shout-out since…read more →

Share and Share Alike

So many of you have been so diligent to share, I have to take this opportunity to share!  I have gotten several encouraging comments back from readers over the last few weeks and I want to share some of them with you. From Kim:  “I was just telling my engaged daughter yesterday that “For Women Only” would be a good…read more →

Real Life Road Rash

Real Life Road Rash

With Shaunti on the road and the approach of a writing deadline, Vanessa Snyder, MA, LPC, LMFT, shares from her own experience as the mother of teens. You would think I would finally have it together.  I have been a mother longer than not.  I have papers on my wall that tell me I am a professional; a specialist even…read more →

Shout Out for Shaunti

Hi Everyone, Today’s blog post is a joint effort from some of Shaunti’s staff members, the “Shauntets” as we affectionately call ourselves. We are so excited to see all the excitement happening these past few weeks… we are having a blast! The newly revised and updated For Men Only and For Women Only books became available last Tuesday, and it’s…read more →

Can You Hear Me Now?

Can You Hear Me Now?

“Honey, how was school today?” “I told you – fine.” A friend of mine relayed this conversation, sad and frustrated.  After listening to her teenage son grunt out a series of monosyllabic answers to her questions, this mom looked at him and just sighed in exasperation.  She then backed up and tried again, this time imploring him to share. “Honestly,…read more →

It’s Book Release Day!!

OK, don’t laugh, but at the same time that I’m celebrating something momentous, I also want to cry!  Do you know that feeling?  The day is finally here when Jeff and I launch the updated editions of For Women Only and For Men Only after 9 years of FWO being in print, 2 million copies being sold in the series,…read more →

Anticipation – Only One Week to Go!!

Ok, bear with me here… I obviously have a song in my heart these days!  “Antici-pa-a-tion…..”  You know that song?   That’s what comes to mind as we are ONE WEEK away from releasing the UPDATED edition of our signature books!! Almost 13 years ago Jeff and I were lying back on the floor of our living room, looking up at…read more →

Start Spreading the News

Start Spreading the News

“Start Spreading the News” – ahhh, that brings back such memories!  “New York, New York” – where Jeff and I began our married life together! Well today it has a TOTALLY different meaning to me… it is time to start spreading the news because… (drum roll please) …the Revised and Updated For Women Only and For Men Only Books are…read more →

Desperate Girl

This Meme cracked us up. Reminds me of this section from For Young Men Only:*  “A girl we’ll call Molly told us that she had signed an abstinence agreement with her parents and fully intended to save sex until marriage.  But then she had a pushy boyfriend and wasn’t careful about the make-out situations she let herself get into.  Eventually…read more →