Anonymous Feedback about the 30-Day Kindness Challenge

Anonymous Feedback about the 30-Day Kindness Challenge

When my team received this feedback from a 30-Day Kindness Challenge participant, I knew I absolutely had to share it! With her permission, here is one woman’s take on the Challenge so far:

I MUST ADMIT, This challenge is very difficult for me many times! My start date was July first, and when reading the first chapter. I literally put down this book and said “I’m NOT DOING THIS CHALLENGE”. “My baby daddy” is a complete jerk! He doesn’t take ownership of ANY of his responsibilities and how he hurt me in SO MANY WAYS! No matter, how wrong I was for hurting him, I apologized to The Lord, Myself, and even him. I’m showing ALL THESE actions ALREADY, and He keeps taking me for granted and blaming me for HIS FRUSTRATIONS!!! I’ll just be Miss Piggy and Mr. Scrooge Altogether! Well after crying, complaining, and pacing in my home….The Lord Just I feel awoke me and a revelation came to mind.

1. The same Grace and Mercy That the Lord Jesus Christ and His HOLY SPIRIT Has on You, He has on Him.

2. You are supposed to be a Christian, and The Lord told Peter, YOU MUST Forgive 70 times 7!

3. Did and Does God ever Give up on you in your failures, mistakes, and when you’re a jerk?!

4. The Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit commands you to LOVE. Matthew 22:37-40

5. You are really more nice than kind to your baby daddy! God Needs you to kindly love him His Way Not Yours

6. If you ever want a deeper relationship with your son, parenting, or even yourself pick that book back up in accompany with your BIBLE. The Lord Promises His Strength and To see you through Isaiah 41:8-10

7. After YOU HAVE DONE ALL YOU CAN, JUST STAND!!!! Says, Donnie McClurkin

Well, it’s now day 11 and in between time, I have TRULY SEEN GOD at work in MY LIFE, (even though I’m now moving into chapter 3). Here is how I thank The Lord for bringing me through this challenge…

1. On 7/10/17 from 9:45-2:30, The Lord gave me the Privilege to work and serve in The Church, cleaning the children’s area!!! During this time, I was able to meet a sister in Christ with two children whom at some point she left in my care while doing a tremendous job discipling her children, serving, mentoring me, and Trusting the Lord to see her through. Her little daughter, son, and grew to know each other during this time, and before our shift serving was over… Her daughter replied to me, Jesus Loves You! She then asked me if I was a teacher, and I said no. She said, Yes you are. While in the classroom, I saw that God Loves a cheerful giver II Corinthians, and was even asked if I would help clean out each classroom once a month!!!

2. While studying Thru The Word at home, my son was drawing on my Bible and as I inductively study, I noticed he drew an upside down heart, which really stuck out to me! I cried and said, mommy needs to get her heart right with the LORD. She is so unkind and takes her frustration out on others. How can I effectively SHEPARD MY SON TO WHOM THE LORD BLESSED ME WITH THIS WAY? After praying and calling out to The Lord, my son got on HIS knees to pray, and then he looked at me and said Mercy Momma! God gives Mercy.

3. Bible Study is so AMAZING, ON Saturday the beginning of this month, The Lord has blessed me to receive, and educational award through the mail. The school noticed the accomplishments that God has blessed me to acheive throughout my personal struggles.

I’m going to keep trying to learn how to be KIND THE LORD’S WAY, not my nice Ms. Piggy Way, although, I move slow and it takes time. I Thank The Lord for really being patient with me, and just loving me with His Favor, Mercy, and Strength. Yes LIFE IS HARD; however, we make life more complicated when we choose to walk in our own strength and not The Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit.

May The Lord Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit Continue to Bless Abundantly Calvary Chapel of Green Valley and Mrs. Shaunti Feldhahn; in addition, to ALL CHURCHES THE BODY OF CHRIST Who Believe in The Deity of Jesus! He is The GREAT I AM!!!

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