Swimsuit Style Secrets

Swimsuit Style Secrets

Swimsuit Style Secrets

Summer is just around the corner and most of us can’t wait to get our toes in the sand but aren’t quite as enthusiastic about squeezing our bodies into a swimsuit.

Hello! I’m Linda Crews, Shaunti’s Operations Director and a Style Coach and Event Speaker. My business name is Best Look For You because I help women discover their best look by offering color and style analysis for individuals and group events.


Swimsuit Style Secrets WITH Style offer

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Swimsuit Style Secrets

Summer is just around the corner and most of us can’t wait to get our toes in the sand but aren’t quite as enthusiastic about squeezing our bodies into a swimsuit.

We have a tendency to be critical of our own bodies when we compare ourselves to the models we see in the media or to our own self two sizes, babies or decades ago. Not everyone is bothered by their curvaceous hips, fluffy belly or overly endowed bust. But if we are, it can create a consuming awareness that keeps our thoughts distracted and can hinder the opportunity to minister to others. As believers and ambassadors of Christ we are called to put others before ourselves.

     Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. [Phil 2:3-4]

When we are self-conscious about how we look in our swimsuit, or we are distracted by comparing ourselves to others around the pool or beach, we can end up being consumed with self and not tuning in to those we want to enjoy.

Attention to swimsuit design details is the key to finding swimwear to flatter your particular proportion so you can enjoy the summer water activities with confidence.

Paying attention to the little details of the design of the swimsuit will help create an optical illusion of balance even where there isn’t balance.

Generally speaking we have a tendency to gain weight in one of, or a combination of, these four areas: tummy, upper midriff and bust, derrière and hips and thighs, or even weight gain all over.

Here are my recommendations for achieving more visually balanced proportions in swimwear according to each of the challenge areas.

Swimsuit Style Tips for Tummy Fluff

Most women who carry weight in their tummy have balanced proportion in their shoulders and hips (about the same width) and have a small bust.

  • Opt for swimsuits with ruching (or sheering) to camouflage the tummy fluff
  • Look for prints to help distract the eye and enlarge the smaller bust in order to balance the tummy
  • Avoid solids in the tummy area as it will tend to enlarge
  • Avoid a tight fit across the tummy, opting for loose or flowy tankinis
  • Reverse halters create a V at the neck creating an illusion of width at the shoulders to balance out the ‘fluff’ at the tummy.


B Tankini flowy blue top copy

This is a great option if your tummy fluff is a small pooch, otherwise the peplum style can add bulk to the fluff.

stripe top solid skirt nautical copy

Stripes at the bust are great with a straight solid skirt, but if you can find a top that doesn’t cling and is a little more loose it will be an even better camouflage

T mint green print copy

The rushing on the sides creates a loose fit across the tummy area while the ruching gathers and print on the bust enhance a small bust.

Swim Skirt Berry copy

Several skirts in various colors with a variety of print tankini tops is a great mix and match option for creating a variety of swimsuits.










Swimsuit Style Tips for Upper Midriff and Overly Endowed Bust

You probably have a flat derrière and nice legs if your challenge area is an overly endowed bust and your midriff area. You carry most all of your fluff above the waist.

  • Stay away from solids and V-necks – they create the illusion that you are larger than you really are
  • Use patterns to always camouflage largeness
  • Patterns at the bust and solid below the bust create a balancing act
  • Avoid strapless mishaps – always opt for straps
  • Miracle Suit (for 40-D and plus sizes) made with Miratex fabric has 3 times the spandex of any other suit
  • Get an underwire and be sure the girls are not spilling over in abundance.
Pink print top

The ruching through midriff is flattering and patterns always camouflage largeness (the bust in this case).

O blue print top and blue skirt copy

Stay away from Vnecks. Avoid solids for your top which tend to enlarge. This medium sized print is great for camouflaging a large bust.

O purple one piece copy

Great for full coverage and the darker color with pattern on the midriff area is slenderizing











Swimsuit Style Tips for Derriere, Hips and Thighs

You probably have narrow shoulders (compared to your hips they appear to be narrow) and a small waist if these are your challenge areas.

  • Horizontal stripes or width at the top with vertical stripes at the bottom or a solid straight or slightly flared skirted bottom creates the balance perfect for your shape.
  • Skirted bottoms or shorts hem should end preferably below your widest point.
  • Never use halter straps as they will create that triangle shape of narrower at the top (shoulders) and wider at the bottom (hips and thighs)
  • Opt for straps that are set wide apart and go straight over the shoulder, creating the illusion of width at the shoulders to balance the width at the bottom.
D Purple print one piece copy

Horizontal-running print on top in a lighter color to draw attention up and away from challenge area.

D blue top black bottom copy

Fitted to highlight smaller waist and print on top with solid black bottoms to slenderize hips

D horizontal stripe top copy

Horizontal stripes at the top and more vertical stripes on the sides below the waist make this flattering. The V neck is another flattering feature for this top to draw the eyes up and out at the shoulder, balancing the wider proportion on the bottom.

Black reverse halter swim dress copy

Flattering and dignified for most all body shapes but this reverse halter strap makes it perfect for the derriere, hips and thighs challenge.













Combination Distribution Swimsuit Style Tips

If you are a combination such as an overly endowed bust and also carry weight in your hips and thighs, follow the tips for the bust line challenges (print on the bust and midriff area) and the tips for the challenges in the hips and thighs (hemlines should end below the widest point of hips), and since V-necks aren’t flattering for the endowed bust go for wide set straps that are not V-neck.

Not all Combination proportions are plus sizes but many are. Swimsuits for All is an incredibly priced website with a wide selection of colorful fun swimsuits for fuller figure challenges, but not just curvy girls.

Here are some flattering plus size inspirations.

Curvy Girl shorts copy

Curvy Girl Shorts

Curvy Girl print on top copy

Curvy Girl Print on top

Curvy empire tankini top copy

Pink empire tankini top








Balanced Distribution of Weight Swimsuit Style Tips

With a balanced proportion (shoulders and hips about the same width) and at your ideal weight, you can pretty much wear any kind of swimsuit. However, pay attention to your challenge areas. Even though you gain weight evenly all over, after our mid-forties there’s not too many tummies that aren’t fluffy or jiggly.

  • Tankinis are perfect to hide the fluff, especially if the design has ruching in the middle or a pattern to disguise it.
  • If you are a tiny bit hippy, you may find achieve greater balance with either the wide set straps at the top or a flared skirt but may not need both.
  • Use a cover-up when walking around.
X black print one peice copy

Wide set straps, lighter color print on top and darker on bottom all help emphasize the natural balanced ‘X’ shape.

X purple top print bottom copy

Solids are no problem

X print turquoise and pink copy

Horizontal patterns work










X floral and orange copy

Floral and orange

X nautical tankini copy

Nautical tankini red and blue









Swimsuit Bottoms

  • High-cut Briefs are flattering for all legs, and visually has the effect of lifting up the eyes making legs look longer and leaner. Rounded, old-fashioned leg openings make legs look bigger than they actually are.
  • Boy shorts, flirty shorts, and skirts are other options for dignity although boy shorts can tend to ride up. The most important thing is that the bottoms cover our bottoms.
  • Use your cover-ups when you leave your chair to go to the restroom or get a snack at the Tiki hut. A sarong over the hips or a lightweight cover-up is elegant, but a tank dress or shorts work nicely too.
  • If you are going to be wrangling children pool or beachside, please make sure that all of you stays tucked into your swimsuit. If that’s going to be a problem then wear a cover-up.
  • Young athletic teen girls may need some coaching to throw on a t-shirt before they start playing volleyball on the beach, etc.

While I can’t wave a wand and change the shape of your body, I have provided some style secrets and fashion tips to help select the swimsuit design most flattering for each of the most common proportion challenges. If it’s time for a new swimsuit I hope that you are now inspired to find something flattering that allows you to enjoy your friends and family poolside without feeling self-conscious.

BONUS! 10-Point Shopping Guide for Successful Swimsuit Shopping

  1. Write two design guidelines you must stick to … and stick to it. Is it pattern on top and solid on bottom? Wide straps? Flowy top or skirted bottom?
  2. Don’t take a friend who is smaller or more fit than you who will make you feel badly about yourself.
  3. Don’t take your husband with you because other women will feel totally weirded out and will not want to come out and look in that 3-way mirror.
  4. Check all views. Bend over to pick up the pretend seashell and make sure nothing (on top or bottom) falls out.
  5. Consider narrowing your final selection to three and then take it home for a husband review and to look in your own mirror since some stores have their mirrors adjusted to a ‘flattering’ angle which doesn’t reflect the real image.
  6. Don’t take your kids with you. Young ones in a dressing room while you are trying on swimwear? You will be wrangling and entertaining them. Teenage eye-rolls for the obvious ‘reject swimsuits’ will be discouraging.
  7. Wear clothing that is easy to get in and out of and undies that you can adjust to completely be covered by the bottoms so you can see the coverage or lack of coverage in all areas.
  8. Avoid shopping when you are bloated more than usual but don’t get in the trap of waiting to lose those 5-10 pounds and then never going.
  9. Shop online first to save some legwork to find a few things you like based on the design details for your proportion.
  10. Take a water bottle and an energy bar. It’s especially helpful for hot-flashes in the dressing room and a time-saving energy boost to avoid having to run to the food court!


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