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ISBN: 978-0764232558

Thriving in Love & Money

About This Book

The money book that’s not about the money

Most couples cannot talk about money. But most money books expect them to! How can you create a budge or pay down debt if the last thing you want to do is talk about spending or saving with your mate?

If you’re one of the 92% of couples who can get tense with each other around money, fight about it, or just plain avoid money conversations as much as possible, Thriving in Love & Money is for you! 

Finally — Thriving in Love & Money uncovers the issues that cause money conflicts and provide couples with truths that are relationship game-changers.

Because you need a better relationship, not just a better budget.

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"Money is not the biggest problem in relationships. Money problems are often not about money, but about how we think and feel about money. For many of us, our thoughts and feelings are unexplored. It is discovering why we think and feel the way we do that offers hope in learning to work as a team. The research shared in Thriving in Love and Money is a roadmap to discovering what lies behind our attitudes and behavior regarding money. I highly recommend it for all who want to replace conflict with harmony."

- Gary Chapman, Ph.D. Author of The 5 Love Languages

"Shaunti and Jeff have tackled such an important topic for relationships. This is a money book that has nothing to do with money, and everything to do with the heart."

- Lysa TerKeurst

"In our work with countless married couples, money issues clearly rank near the top of the list of marriage stressors. Our friends Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn have combined their unparalleled expertise with their eye-opening research data to help countless couples avoid those common money pitfalls. Thriving in Love and Money will equip you and your spouse to improve your finances, your communication and your marriage as a whole. Every couple (including us) will benefit from implementing the truths outlined in this book!"

- Dave and Ashley Willis, Authors of The Naked Marriage, Hosts of The Naked Marriage Podcast, and Speakers for MarriageToday