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ISBN: 9781576737088

The Veritas Conflict

About This Book

In the conflict between good and evil, a Christian college student must learn to fight for truth and to combat temptation, humanism, and demonic attacks at her once-Christian school in The Veritas Conflict.

This story arose out of my own fascinating, challenging experience at Harvard, and a desire to help students understand the forces at work in the educational system and how to stand for what they believe.

It is my great encouragement to hear that the book has already been used in the lives of tens of thousands of college and high school students who are ‘shining like stars’ in difficult environments, as well as in the lives of those who, through the story, are being stirred to fervent prayer.


In The Veritas Conflict, Shaunti Feldhahn paints a disturbingly accurate picture of the liberal climate surrounding our most hallowed academic institutions, and of the intense spiritual warfare that exists there. Not only is this thrilling novel a pleasure to read—it gives powerful, Christ-centered perspectives on many difficult situations Christian students face in today’s classroom. Highly recommended for every student and parent!
Dr. Bill Bright, founder and president, Campus Crusade for Christ International

The Veritas Conflict is a fictional story that is packed with truth. This novel gives a compelling glimpse into the spiritual warfare behind the scenes of one of our nation’s great universities and sounds a trumpet call for Christians to be salt and light in our often-challenging, secular culture. This story will draw you into a deeper walk with Christ, and inspire you to stand for His truth.
Dr. Cindy Jacobs, best-selling author of Women of Destiny and The Voice of God

A carefully woven plotline that, through the medium of story, delves deeply into intellectual and emotional issues and the invincible power of prayer. Shaunti has written an engaging novel that provides answers to some of life’s most difficult questions about God and truth.
Ravi Zacharias, Christian apologist and author of The Lotus and the Cross and Light in the Shadow of Jihad

Having trained Christian students for over twenty years how to apply their faith in a secular educational setting, I know the hazards they face in attempting to be salt and light within an increasingly tasteless and dark campus environment. The Veritas Conflict challenges Christian students to think about the invisible battle they face on campus—with forces of spiritual darkness, as well as deceitful philosophies, vying for their hearts and minds. Shaunti Feldhahn has woven together practical ideas for waging war on these two simultaneous battlefronts in a compelling and imaginative way.
Chuck Edwards, Director of Bible Study Curriculum, Summit Ministries

Ms. Feldhahn has an enormous writing talent. I cared about her main characters—rooting for them and hoping they’d come through in the end. Her intricate plot left me breathless in awe at how she tied up everything without dropping a thread! Overall, a message of love was given—love that is patient and love that gives to people unselfishly, right where they are. The Veritas Conflict takes a few little facts and becomes a full-blown work of contemporary fiction that will certainly cause readers to think.
Karen Larsen, Scribes World Review