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ISBN: 9781601421210

The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

About This Book

The little things that make a BIG difference!

After ten years of interviews and nationally-representative surveys with 12,000 men and women, revealing insights that have opened the eyes of millions around the world through her books, Shaunti Feldhahn’s next research project has been eagerly awaited – and now it is here!

Shaunti spent three years interviewing and surveying 1,000 couples to uncover the most important habits of the most happily married couples – what are they doing differently, that they may not even realize is making them so happy, that others can replicate? Where her best-selling books For Women Only and For Men Only revealed the most important inner needs of men and women, Surprising Secrets reveals what matters most in the process of relationships.

It turns out, there are 12 habits that most highly happy couples share, regardless of age or racial background or any other factor – little things that they are doing that many other couples (even those in pretty good marriages) may not do. And these habits yield gold for those who are willing to apply them. Even better, the actions and attitudes that create great marriages hold many lessons not just for marriages, but for many other relationships as well.

To move a marriage from blah to bliss…start here!

Have you ever looked at a blissfully married couple and thought, I wish I knew their secret? Now you can. After years of research, Shaunti Feldhahn has identified twelve powerful habits that the happiest marriages have in common.

 Anyone can learn the secrets of a highly happy marriage!

In The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages, Shaunti shares the little, unexpected, often overlooked actions that make a huge difference. You’re about to discover that highly happy couples: 

  • go to bed mad
  • keep score
  • boss their feelings around
  • have factual fantasies
  • get in over their heads
  • don’t tell it like it is
  • don’t look to marriage to make them happy

Packed with eye-opening research and practical help, this book delivers relationship insights that will take your marriage from “just fine” to “just the marriage we’ve always wanted.”