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ISBN: 9781590520802

The Lights of Tenth Street

About This Book

Follow the intersecting lives of a beautiful young woman captured by the sex industry, a suburban Christian couple trapped by complacency, and the heavenly forces fighting to set both free.

When I was having difficulty writing the thoughts of a male character in this novel, I began asking men what they would be thinking in a particular situation. The shocking answers I received made me dig deeper and soon I knew I was on to something that begged for a professional survey to confirm my initial discoveries.

My hope is that this story will be used to encourage readers toward the same unconditional, non-judgmental love that Jesus showed—the love that meant that everyone from prostitutes to corrupt business-people felt safe coming to Him.

I also fervently hope that this book will help men steer clear of a temptation that wreaks havoc on so many lives, and to help women understand and know how to support their husbands and sons with the great challenges that men (and some women) face in today’s culture.