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ISBN: 9781601424457

For Men Only

About This Book

Finally, you can understand her!

If you’re like most men, you’ve burned up lots of energy trying to figure out what a woman wants, what makes her tick, how to make her happy.

The good news: success is simpler than you ever thought.  In their groundbreaking classic, For Men Only, Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn reveal the eye-opening truths and simple acts that will radically improve your relationship with the woman you love. For example:

  • Why she can’t “just not think about” something that’s bothering her
  • How to get her real answers without games
  • How your provider instinct can actually cause her heartache – and what to do about it
  • Why “not tonight, honey” may not mean what you think
  • Why listening to her feelings is so hard for a guy and a fix-it plan that works
  • Why her “I do” at the altar will always mean, “do you?” and the answer that rocks her world

Now updated with the latest scientific research to explain the fabulous female brain plus an all-new chapter that shows how to decode her most baffling behavior, For Men Only is your roadmap to making her happy. And now there is a new companion video study great for mentoring engaged couples, a men’s group or just for individual use.

Shaunti and Jeff Feldhahn are popular speakers and bestselling authors whose research findings are regularly featured in national media as diverse as Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, the New York Times, and the Today Show.

Beyond the Book: For Men Only

We have collected a number of books and websites that should be helpful to any reader who wants to further research or investigate the issues raised in For Men Only. We have not personally read every book listed here, but each one has been recommended to us by counselors, friends, and professionals working to help improve family relationships.

The links and recommended reading below cover a variety of topics, with – at the moment – a particular focus on helping men, women and marriages understand and deal with the thought-life challenges of our sexualized culture. Because that topic requires more specialized research, I’m giving those resources a special section.