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ISBN: 978-1732366916

Find Balance: Thriving In A Do-It-All World

About This Book

This is the Bible Study companion to The Life-Ready Woman book.

From stay-at-home moms to globe-trotting executives, every modern woman has asked, “How do I juggle it all?”

Find God’s best for you through Find Balance, an 8-week, video-guided Bible Study companion to The Life Ready Woman. You’ll learn how to experience more of life, create biblical balance, have peace instead of stress, and develop a personal plan for fulfilling your unique callings designed just for you by God.

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The 8 Sessions include:

  1. You, today’s culture, and your compass
  2. God’s callings, your coordinates
  3. Faith step 1: live from the inside out
  4. Faith step 2: embrace a big-picture understanding of life
  5. Faith step 3: use wisdom with a man
  6. Faith step 4: steward your gifts from an eternal perspective
  7. Faith step 5: believe God, not your fear
  8. Two women, two destinies

The Find Balance workbook provides information on accessing the free online video curriculum!

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