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ISBN: 9780764232640

Men, Women, & Money Curriculum Kit: A Couples’ Guide to Navigating Money Better, Together

About This Book

Money and relationships can be messy. Couples aren’t taught how to talk about money, but more than that, they aren’t taught that money isn’t just about numbers. Our beliefs, values, experiences, and emotions all play a huge role in how we view and handle money.

Getting in sync with their partner is the first step toward having good conversations about money. However, that’s made even more difficult by the fact that men and women often handle money differently.

Backed by in-depth research and full of expert advice, this dynamic six-week program gives couples the tools to:

· Fight & Stress Less: Diffuse tension when talking about finances
· Gain Appreciation: Truly understand differences–and their partner’s thinking–around money
· Get Aligned: Foster goodwill, intimacy, and financial unity in their relationship
· Take Action, Together: Make more informed financial decisions together
· Thrive in Love & Money: Get their finances–and relationship–on track for a brighter future

The program includes six video sessions, approximately 20-30 minutes each, that introduce a key relationship component, how it applies to money, and what a couple can do about it. To go along with the videos, the kit also includes “His” and “Hers” guidebooks for couples, filled with activities, reflections, and even optional devotionals to help them get the most from the experience. Each component (DVD alone, His Edition, and Her Edition) is also available to purchase separately.

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Men, Women, & Money Study Video Access Information: 

The videos were created in partnership with brightpeak financial which was previously a division of Thrivent. 

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Men, Women, & Money Session 1 

Men, Women, & Money Session 2 

Men, Women, & Money Session 3 

Men, Women, & Money Session 4 

Men, Women, & Money Session 5 

Men, Women, & Money Session 6