Testimonial: My testimony after reading For Men Only

I just wanted to thank you for saving my marriage. Applying what I learned in Jeff’s book has yielded dividends far beyond my wildest expectations. And the best part is: it was pretty darn easy (even an idiot like me can do it)!
After 24 years of marriage, I had fallen into a rut. In retrospect, I see that I had become focused on what I believed was my purpose in life: to make lots of money. Being an engineer, I saw things very analytically:
Work hard=make lots of money
Lots of money=happy family
Happy family=happy wife!
Wow! Talk about some bad math!
About a year ago I was flying to the east coast and had a long layover in Chicago. With nothing better to do I wandered into a little book store. Browsing around I saw a copy of Jeff’s book. I read the cover and said to myself, yeah, right like a dumb book could make a difference. I randomly flipped to a few pages and liked the snippets I read, so I bought it. For months that little book sat in the bottom of my back pack. Then, over the summer I was traveling to a Florida for diving vacation (N.B., a vacation by myself not with my wife or family), and I found myself bored out of my skull. After reading the in-flight magazine twice, the vomit bag and the emergency instructions, etc., I rooted through my back pack and found Jeff’s book (with gum stuck to the cover). Soon I was totally engrossed and could not put the book down. I reread the book slowly and carefully cover-to-cover three times over the course of my vacation. Felt like I was studying a treasure map or the magna carta of marriage. When I returned to home, I told myself: OK, this stuff is interesting, so, I’m going to try for 30 days and see what happens (why 30 days you ask? I don’t know probably somewhat arbitrary maybe I watch too much TV (try for 30 days! If you’re not 100% satisfied, returning for a full refund)). So I have to admit that at first it felt weird/fake and my wife was looking at me like what the hell happened to him? Did he suffer brain damage diving? But within two weeks magic! We made mad passionate love (which she initiated? ) twice in the week!!!! Big deal you say? YES IT WAS! We had not made love in over two years (no, I’m not 95 years old, I’m 48 and in excellent physical health (e.g., tri-athlete), well dressed, floss my teeth, gainfully employed, a highly paid professional, etc.). I’m happy to report that things have continued to improve. For example, we are now planning to take vacations together, going out on dates, etc. Maybe most importantly, were confiding our deepest ambitions, fears, hopes and dreams with each other again. In short, I feel like I did when I first met my cute little redhead best friend in college 26 years ago!