Youth / Student Interest

Youth / Student Interest

Even before the release of the youth version of For Women Only, I did many events for college and high school groups. All the “relationship” talks can be tailored for the youth market. In addition, these two talks have been specifically fine-tuned for a younger audience.

Topics include:

Understanding How Guys/Girls Think (A Talk For Youth)

Based on the research and national survey of guys and girls age 15-20 for the books For Young Women Only and For Young Men Only this fun, fascinating talk opens the eyes of teenage girls to how guys are wired and vice versa. It challenges them toward learning healthy patterns of relating now while they are young. The talk is entirely about what guys and girls said about themselves, and really want the opposite sex to know. Although Shaunti is a married wife and mom, she’s really an ambassador for teenage guys and girls, conveying their words – not hers – to the ‘other half’  in the audience. Topics include how much guys wish girls wouldn’t trigger a visual struggle by how they dress (see ‘dress code’ topic), how they feel about the emotional consequences of sex before marriage, how discerning and wary guys are of the “mean girls” dynamic among teenage girls, why girls say they want the ‘nice guy’ but always seem to go for the bad boy, how secretly sensitive both genders are in ways the opposite sex would never know, and how much guys just want girls to be themselves and that girls want guys to know they don’t have to be perfect. This talk is effective either as:

  • A co-ed or girls-only youth event
  • A co-ed or girls-only interview with a youth pastor or group leader (similar to the “pastoral interview” format described above).
  • Co-ed or girls-only events or chapel services at schools and colleges

Note: Shaunti’s fellow researcher and author on this book is Lisa Rice, who is also a mother of teenagers and is speaking more frequently to youth audiences. Read more information about Lisa as a speaker and see clips of her ‘interview format; talk with a youth pastor, here.

Clips Used for Youth Event



Why Do We Have a Dress Code? Moving from Resenting the Rules, to Agreeing With the Reasons

A talk for any group that wants to go beyond the “rules” and help young women understand the reasons why modesty and care in dress are so critical. This talk is only appropriate for girls to hear, as it is quite direct (although age-appropriate) about how visually-wired guys are and the fact that immodest dress can cause an unwanted struggle in even the most careful, devout guy. All claims are backed up by compelling, even shocking statistics from three nationally-representative surveys of men and teenage boys about what they are thinking when they are confronted with immodest dress. The goal of this talk is to leave girls wanting to dress appropriately, internalizing the reasons for themselves. Targeted for:

  • Girls-only events at schools, colleges, youth events or churches