Professional Development

Professional Development

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Sample speaking topics  for professional development:

For Women in the Workplace: Advancing as a Woman, by Understanding Men

Based on the ongoing research for Shaunti’s upcoming business book. This talk opens the eyes of working women to findings about men that may be affecting them in their careers. While findings about men in For Women Only were applied solely to relationships, many of these truths have surprising workplace applications. This fast-moving talk or training session uses real-life quotes from dozens of high-level men in the workplace about areas in which they often see women sabotaging their careers by a lack of understanding about the men they work with. The talk is backed by national survey findings and uses real-life case studies and – where appropriate – interactive discussion.
Talk options:

  • Breakout sessions for female staff at corporate retreats or periodic corporation-wide events.
  • Interactive training sessions for female staff in the office training room

For Men in the Workplace: Understanding the Women You Work With, and Avoiding the Trap of Misperceptions

Just as there are facts that career women need to know about the men they work with, the reverse is true – both for the purposes of career development and to avoid the trap of common misperceptions. This talk or training session uses real-world quotes, case studies and examples to demonstrate how certain typically “female” methods and ways of relating in business are often strengths instead of the weaknesses that men might otherwise believe. (For example, men commonly say that if a female colleague gets quite angry in a group meeting, that her perceptions of what went on in that meeting are untrustworthy, not realizing that because of the difference in brain wiring, women can both entertain a strong emotion and think clearly at the same time.) In today’s culture, where sexual harassment claims are always a reality, this talk also helps men see and prevent traps before they happen.

Dressing for Success: Helping Your Female Staff “Get” the Reason for Your Organization’s Standards

In today’s professional environment, it is common to encounter women who resent or push the envelope on their organization’s dress standards, not realizing that it may hinder their career – including by causing a distraction for the men they work with. This closed-door talk helps women (and HR departments) by helping women understand and internalize the reason behind the organization’s standards, particularly in how they may be perceived by their male colleagues.

Being Media-Wise: An Insider’s Look at the Do’s and Don’ts of Media Relations

This training session or high-level consultation helps organizations develop or improve their media relations system, by explaining the inside workings of news organizations, and how to both enhance their message, take advantage of opportunities, and avoid misperceptions.