Partner Speakers

Partner Speakers

Jeff Feldhahn

Jeff Feldhahn
Jeff Feldhahn is the co-author, with his wife Shaunti, of For Men Only: A Straightforward Guide to the Inner Lives of Women. As just an average guy who used to think it was difficult to understand his wife and make her happy, he connects well with all those other average guys out there who wonder the same thing. Jeff and Shaunti spent a year interviewing and surveying thousands of women to investigate half a dozen realities that most men just don’t “get” about the woman in their life. Now, he encourages men with the documented truth that it is possible to understand their wife and make her happy, and that, believe it or not, “it’s not rocket science.”

This talk works well stand-alone, paired with Shaunti’s talk about Understanding Men, or as an interview with a pastor as the message on a Sunday morning.

Jeff is an attorney by training, receiving his degree from Harvard Law School, but a technology entrepreneur at heart. In 1999 he founded start-up tech company, World2one, which he has kept alive – although sometimes on life-support — through the tech crash.

Talk: A Simple Guide to Understanding Women (either stand-alone or as a pastoral interview)

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Lisa A. Rice

Lisa A. RiceLisa Rice is a freelance writer living in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband and four children – two teenage daughters, one teenage foster daughter and a preteen son. She has written numerous magazine articles for various publications, including LifeWay’s HomeLife, and is the Associate Editor for Christian Living Magazine. She has also served as a ghostwriter for the books of such authors as Dr. Ted Baehr and movie Producer Mark Koch.

With Shaunti, Lisa co-authored two books in Shaunti’s bestselling series. First their book for teen girls, For Young Women Only, and then their book to help parents understand their kids entitled For Parents Only. Lisa also co-authored the Discussion Guide that accompanies For Women Only. Lisa speaks regularly to youth groups about the surprising findings about teenage guys detailed in For Young Women Only. She is also speaking to groups of interested moms and dads about what she and Shaunti discovered about kids.

Recently, Lisa and her husband, Eric, have written a number of screenplays, one of which is in development with Mandalay-Prelude Pictures. Lisa also writes weekly movie reviews for Salem Communication’s website,

Lisa graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in business and specialized in marketing writing until she found her true niche, which is creating and compiling inspirational pieces for various venues.

In her spare time, Lisa plays the piano for events and helps Eric with his business of making commercials. The Rice’s also enjoy traveling and Scuba diving in tropical locations.

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