Good News About Marriage/Leader Briefing

Good News About Marriage/Leader Briefing

The Good News About Marriage: Debunking Discouraging Myths About Marriage and Divorce

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The Good News About Marriage Event

The Good News About Marriage Event

Shaunti sharing the Good News About Marriage and the secrets of what makes the happiest relationships so happy, during a pastoral interview as the sermon time at The Woodlands Church, Houston, TX.




Do you believe that the divorce rate is 50%? That the rate of divorce is the same in the church? That most marriages are just struggling along? Most of us believe that – and most of us are wrong! And yet that discouraging conventional wisdom is stealing hope from millions of marriages every day. Based on solid and shocking facts, it is time to restore hope for marriage.

After an 8-year investigative study, groundbreaking social researcher Shaunti Feldhahn (author of the best-seller For Women Only) has released an explosive book, The Good News About Marriage, which debunks many of the damaging myths about marriage and reveals the very real hope that everyone needs to know.

Whether the audience is pastors or leaders receiving a briefing on Shaunti’s research, a women’s conference, marriage workshop, or congregation hearing the shocking truth for the first time, learning the truth changes everything.

Imagine the difference it will make for a struggling couple to hear that the divorce rate has never been close to 50%, or for their friends to know to say, “You will get through this – because most people do!” Imagine a cohabiting couple learning that most marriages are actually happy. Imagine being able to tell your congregation that the rate of divorce is significantly lower in the church and that church attendance does matter – a lot.

Each time Shaunti shares these truths during a pastoral interview on Sunday morning or a conference of any type, the room buzzes with exclamations of “What did she just say?!”

As Andy Stanley says in the Foreword to Good News, this message will soon be changing everything about how we think and talk about marriage.

Note: when this talk is for a popular audience such as a women’s conference, it can (if desired) be a hybrid talk that incorporates this good-news information into The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages talk.

TALK OPTIONS: This talk can be given in many different environments, and is tailored for each audience, whether that is a general audience, churchgoers, or leaders who work with marriages. For example:

  •  Pastoral interview during Sunday worship services
  • Conference keynote (Leaders conference, pastors conference, etc.)
  • Continuing education seminar (therapists, counselors, coaches, etc.)
  • Women’s conference
  • Marriage Seminar
  • Date night talk
  • Singles or even a youth event