Speaking Topics

Shaunti is flexible to meet your needs. She can combine or tailor a talk to your audience. She can bundle multiple types of talks and topics into one weekend such as:

Friday night – Women’s Event •  Saturday morning – Couples’ Event •  Sunday morning – Pastoral Interview during sermon time






Understanding the Inner Lives of Men

women’s event • couples’ event  • singles conference • pastoral interview

For Women Only_RE.indd

Based on the research for Shaunti’s book For Women Only, and rich with quotes and examples from surveys and interviews with over 1,500 men, this is a candid, and fascinating, talk. It opens the eyes of women to things that they never understood before, and helps and challenges them to support the men in their lives (husbands, boyfriends, sons, even colleagues) in the way that they need.


A Simple Guide to the Inner Lives of Women

men’s event • couples’ event  • pastoral interview

For Men OnlyBelieve it or not, it is easier than men ever thought, to understand a woman and make her happy. Based on the research with more than 5,000 women for Jeff and Shaunti Feldhahn’s book For Men Only, this road-tested message (which can be delivered just to men, or to both men and women as part of a Jeff-and-Shaunti marriage conference) provides the simple “to-do’s” that will lead to great success as a husband or boyfriend – and to great peace in the home.

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How to Make a Happy Marriage

women’s event  • men’s event  •  couples’ event  •  pastoral interview

SSIt turns out: it is usually the simple little habits that create the happiest marriages, not the big complicated ones!  Where the “Only” series opens our eyes to the surprising needs of men and women, the research for Shaunti’s most recent marriage study and book, The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages, reveals the process of what makes the happiest relationships, and identifies the 12 little things that make the biggest difference.

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Putting the Happily Back in Ever After

marriage conference  • date night •  couples’/relationships event

Three core sessions/topics: understanding men, understanding women, and the little habits that create happy marriages. Can be a weekend conference with Jeff and Shaunti, or combined for a short, fun date night talk. A conference could also include an interactive Q&A time, discussion groups, or other messages. Can be specific to marriage or be an ‘everything you need to know about relationships’ format that include singles or dating couples, too. 

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Restoring Hope for Marriage: Debunking Myths, Practical Tips

 pastoral interview • leadership events • couples’ talk


After an 8-year investigative study for her explosive book The Good News About Marriage, Shaunti debunks many of the damaging myths about marriage (e.g. the 50% divorce rate, the rate in the church…) and reveals the very real hope that everyone needs to know. Can be combined with practical application to convey: “There’s so much more hope for marriage than you ever realized… and here’s how you get there.”

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Pastoral Interview (during worship services as the sermon time)

Shaunti loves to share her eye-opening research with the entire church body, and to see the fruit that comes from members of the congregation learning these life-changing surprises at the same time. Andy Stanley was the first to conduct this type of interview with Shaunti, on her For Women Only findings, as part of his “Exposed” sermon series ten years ago, and it has been an important and impactful format ever since. All of the topics above work well as an interview, and can be combined as needed for a sermon or series such as “Family Matters,” “Restoring Hope for Marriage,” “Pure Sex,” “The Elephant in the Room” or any others. We can give you suggested questions or an outline, if desired.

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The World’s Gone Crazy But I Don’t Have To: The Biblical Secret to Life, Love & Contentment

women’s event • weekend women’s retreat

Is there a biblical answer for life balance as a busy modern woman? Yes! And it will be wonderfully unique and different for every wonderfully unique woman. Based on her book and Bible study The Life Ready Woman, and rich with stories and scriptural foundation, Shaunti helps each of us discover the individual blueprint that God has provided, to become the woman we are called and created to be.   Sample Weekend Women’s Retreat Outline: Session 1 – Opening Our Eyes to What Matters • Session 2 – “Living at peace with all men” – Literally • Session 3 – Living according to our design • Session 4 – A better role model

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Getting Inside the Head of Your Kid

 parenting event • couples’ event • public school/pta event

• women’s event

Ever heard “You’re just not listening!” after you’ve been listening for ten minutes? For every confused parent, there’s a teen, pre-teen or child who is longing to be understood. Parents will leave this talk – based on interviews and surveys with more than 3,000 teens and tweens for For Parents Only – with a much greater understanding of what is going on in there, and with much more confidence in supporting and relating to this young person they love so much.

Shaunti also delivers a message for public school meetings.


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Understanding the Other Half

youth events • school assemblies • college events • college chapels

“I’ve got one job here: to save your marriages in advance.” “If you listen and learn, this one talk could literally change the course of every relationship you have from now on.” Shaunti’s opening statements are startling – and true. This fun and fascinating talk and topic captures the attention and imagination of even the most jaded high-schooler, and even the most busy college student.  Based on research and national surveys of thousands of men, women and teens, this talk opens the eyes of young men and women to knowledge and habits that truly will lay the foundation for healthy, rewarding relationships for the rest of their lives.

Sample clips that can be used with youth events

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Men @ Work / Leading Well As A Woman, Working Well With Men

women’s event • women’s outreach

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Bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn reveals the inside scoop that every woman needs to know, on the common ways men commonly think in the workplace but almost never talk about. In any organization with more men in leadership, women will find this information game-changing as they understand the unseen perceptions of men and obstacles or opportunities that arise as a result. Shaunti will share the results of eight years of in-depth research with thousands of men, as published in her groundbreaking book, The Male Factor: The Unwritten Rules, Misperceptions and Secret Beliefs of Men in the Workplace. Every woman will want to hear this talk and learn immediately-applicable ways to remove the unseen obstacles they may not have known were there, as well as ultra-practical keys to the best possible work relationships with male bosses, colleagues, subordinates and clients. Shaunti will also provide male listeners with a critical understanding of the intentions of their female colleagues.

Talk Options:

  • Breakout sessions for female staff at corporate retreats or periodic corporation-wide events
  • Lunch and learns
  • Interactive training sessions for female staff
  • Women’s leadership events


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