For Parents

Boys! Shaping Ordinary Boys Into Extraordinary Men by William Beausay II

William Beausay, a clinical psychotherapist, is a professional sports consultant with the Academy of Sports Psychology. In this expanded and revised edition, Beausay takes a hard look at some of the issues facing parents today, including raising boys solo, attention deficit hyperactive disorder, smart discipline, handling bullies, and much more. With down-to-earth wisdom and practical suggestions, Beausay equips parents to deal with the tough issues that their sons will encounter on their journey to manhood.

Boys! Shaping Ordinary Boys Into Extraordinary Men

Single Moms Raising Sons: Preparing Boys to Be Men When There’s No Man Around by Dana Chisholm

In today’s world, many different women single mothers, grandmothers, even military wives are left with the responsibility of raising children on their own. Being a single parent comes with many challenges, but for women one of the most difficult is to raise sons to be strong men and good fathers without a healthy male role model in the home. In Single Moms Raising Sons, Dana Serrano Chisholm speaks from her own experience as a single mother of two boys and inspires other single moms to partner with God the Father of the fatherless. From financial concerns to passing on “macho”, Dana supplies honest insight, unifying encouragement, and practical applications to guide mothers as they raise their boys to be the solid, Christian men they want them to be.

Single Moms Raising Sons

Raising Children in Blended Families: Helpful Insights, Expert Opinions, and True Stories by Maxine Marsolini

A realistic and forthright resource, this practical guide for parents of blended families helps adults understand their children’s feelings and cope with arising difficulties such as kids not getting along, new rules and mixed up roles, when kids hate visitation, two names one family. Maxine Marsolini is an author, speaker, pastor’s wife, and member of the American Association of Christian Counselors. Together with her husband, Charlie, they are a blended family with seven children.

Raising Children in Blended Families

Nine Things Teens Should Know and Parents are Afraid to Talk About by Joe White and Nicholas Comninellis

This book provides practical advice for teens to resist temptation and keep themselves pure, explains the physical and emotional changes that young people go through in concise and easy-to-understand language, and provides sensitive insights for teens on issues such as dealing with crazy emotions, sexual purity, false friends, and ungodly entertainment. With years of experience in dealing with the issues adolescents face through Kanakuk Kamps, the authors give an excellent guide for kids to maintain a godly lifestyle through their teenage years.

Nine Things Teens Should Know and Parents are Afraid to Talk About

You’re Wearing That?: Understanding Mothers and Daughters in Conversation by Deborah Tannen

Deborah studies human interaction through conversation, this time attempting to peel back the layers of meaning that make up conversations between mothers and their teenage and older daughters. Tannen clarifies the ways in which mothers and daughters relate to each other verbally through direct conversation; indirect messages, or “metamessages”, compliments or insults disguised as judgment, etc.

You're Wearing That?

Why Christian Kids Rebel by Tim Kimmel

Dr. Tim Kimmel helps Christian parents avoid the potential problems their well-meaning parenting styles could create. This book offers a new way to look at the “ideal” Christian home and shows why “cocoon-style” Christian homes don’t work. Many parents have “done it all” when it comes to the checklist of good Christian parenting, only to see their son or daughter step away from their belief system and embrace other lifestyle choices. It will also provide help and hope for those already dealing with a rebellious teen and teach them how to lead the child back into a walk of faith.

Why Christian Kids Rebel

Prodigals and Those Who Love Them

Ruth Bell Graham knows about prodigals- two of her five children were spiritual wanderers, From the pain she experienced as she prayed, watched, and waited for them to return to the fold, comes this book. Throughout the writing Mrs. Graham kept in mind both the hurt and disappointment the one who wanders feels and the confusion and fear of the one who waits. To capture both sides, she recounts stories about five prodigals, interlacing them with the stories of those who loved them. Mrs. Graham also includes her own poems and diary entries written during the prodigal years of her two sons, as well as hymns and Bible verses that brought her solace.

Prodigals And Those Who Love Them

Boundaries with Teens: When to Say Yes, How to Say No by Dr. John Townsend

Good boundaries are the bedrock of not only better relationships, but also maturity, safety, and growth—especially for teens and their parents. Dr. John Townsend, parent of two teenagers himself, shows parents:
– How to deal with disrespectful attitudes and irresponsible behaviors in your teen
– How to set healthy limits and realistic consequences
– How to be loving and caring while establishing rules
– How to determine specific strategies to deal with problems both big and small

The book begins with overarching principles about parenting adolescents then provides the nuts and bolts about boundaries and how to apply them, providing topically based chapters devoted to specific problems from moodiness, to school problems, to aggression.

Boundaries With Teens

Parenting Teens with Love & Logic by Foster Cline, MD and Jim Fay

Psychiatrist Cline and educator Fay’s “Love and Logic” parenting method advocates raising responsible children through practice. “Helicopter” parents hover around their children while “drill sergeant” parents give orders to theirs, they claim. Neither of these styles permits teens to learn how to make choices and learn from the consequences. In the context of a healthy, loving relationship, “Love and Logic” parents teach their teens responsibility and the logic of life by solving their own problems, providing skills for coping in the real world. After laying out the principles of “Love and Logic,” the authors provide “parenting pearls,” which are strategies for applying the method to actual situations such as curfews, driving, dating, etc.

Parenting Teens With Love and Logic

The Five Love Languages of Teenagers by Dr. Gary D. Chapman

At no other time in American history have parents, teachers, and mentors been more desperate to find proven ways to reach teens. According to Dr. Chapman parents must learn to express their love in a language that makes sense to their teenager. Learn practical guidance on how to discover and express your teen’s primary love language- the way that he or she will best receive love.

The Five Love Languages of Teenagers

Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Tedd Tripp

Dr. Tedd Tripp draws on over twenty years of experience as a pastor, counselor, school administrator and father in giving this valuable help to parents. This book is about how to speak to your child’s heart and serves as a guide for defining your goals as a parent while providing the Scriptural methods for accomplishing them.

Shepherding a Child’s Heart

Age of Opportunity: A Biblical Guide to Parenting Teens by Paul David Tripp

Are you hoping to merely survive your teenagers? With compassion, wit and wisdom, Tripp uncovers the heart issues affecting families during the often chaotic adolescent years. Gain assurance of God’s provision for parenting success and discover ways to seize the countless opportunities to deepen communication, learn, and grow with your teens.

Age of Opportunity