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10 Facts Every Parent Should Know about Their Teen’s Brain

Inside the teen mind This is a fascinating article that every parent needs to read, about the brain development of teens.  It’s a summary on the LiveScience website, of some of the brain science research that will  explain all sorts of puzzling things!  It certainly did for me!  I’m eager to get more into the research they are referencing, but…read more →

How Guys Think

Clip for Youth Events – discussion of how guys think and how their thinking is different from that of girls.

Cover Girl!

Sunscreen, towel, bathing suit…..and cover up! Something to think about when we take our daughters shopping for that new bathing suit or cute outfit! Summer is here along with all the fun bright patterns and colors, sandals and pedicures … and swimsuits.  For the majority of moms, when our little girls start blossoming, their natural desire to look more grown…read more →

Am I Ugly?

Moms, Lets Counter the Trend of Our Girls Feeling Inferior! As a mom of an almost-12-year-old daughter – and a social researcher who has extensively interviewed and surveyed teenagers – my heart is hurting as I see the newest YouTube trend.

It’s Not My Fault!

Mistakes are a natural part of being human. Unfortunately, so is blaming someone else. In an article for Living with Teenagers, Shaunti Feldhan explains how you can help your teen come to grips with-and take responsibility for-their miscues.


Inside Conversation

In an interview with Lisa Rice, Jeff and Shaunti offer a peek at what men and women are really thinking (and how to understand each other).