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His Temper May Be Fiery, But Your Criticism Is Explosive Fuel

Dear Shaunti: My husband has an anger problem, and I don’t know how to handle it. We’ve always had “intense discussions,” but lately he’s been getting furious and walking away. Last night, we got into a fight on our way out of a restaurant, just because I told him that he shouldn’t have eaten so much, and he definitely shouldn’t…read more →

My Way or the Highway: Be Careful What You Wish For

Dear Shaunti,  My husband says I always want things my way. And he’s right to a certain extent because, honestly, in my mind, there are just right and wrong ways to do things. The house simply should be neat instead of messy. Is that too much to ask? Or no, he shouldn’t let the kids spread their homework all over…read more →

Check Yourself as a Mate: Being a Wife Instead of a Boss

Dear Shaunti, My husband runs his own construction business, and even though he’s in charge it really does feel like “our” business in most ways. I used to be in the industry, so I know the market. And I’ve been very supportive of him dipping into our personal finances to personally pay our staff when things have been tight. He…read more →

Wives, build a deeper connection with your husband through physical intimacy

Photo Credit: mark sebastian via Compfight cc Tip #36: Wives, build a deeper connection with your husband through physical intimacy.  There are times when it feels like some “connection” gets lost between spouses. Long days, busy schedules and running around with the kids add physical distance. And confusion, frustration, misunderstandings, stress and grumpiness add emotional distance. Both husbands and wives instinctively want to find…read more →

Win a Marriage Library – with the Christian Marriage Author Pinterest Board

Win a Marriage Library of TWELVE Books–with the Christian Marriage Author Pinterest Board! I am so excited about being a part of the new Christian Marriage Authors Pinterest board, started by an amazing woman, Sheila Wray Gregoire! The board features a bunch of great Christian authors who have lots of great insight and wisdom to share about marriage from many different…read more →

Wives, invest in your husband by saying “thank you.”

Tip #34: Wives, invest in your husband by saying “thank you.”  Every day, our men wake up and head out to “conquer” the world. Or, rather, the worlds of work, finances, home, school, kids’ activities, sports… We think we understand that, right? Turns out, we don’t. Not quite. Because in his mind, it isn’t about “juggling” everything. Instead, every one…read more →

Zipping My Lip Finally Paid Off

Guest blog by Julie Fidler For four years, my husband worked full-time with disturbed and often violent children while going to college online. A few months ago, he marched in his cap and gown, and today his degree arrived – physical proof of his dedication, hard work and strength. We don’t have any kids of our own, so he didn’t…read more →

Calling All Teens!

Are you a teenager who would like to discuss my books? Would your son or daughter like a place to talk about For Young Women Only or For Young Men Only? Good news! We have started a new Facebook group just for teens! The group is moderated and closed, so discussions are private within the group. Share it today with the…read more →