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Killing the Divorce Myth With Kindness

Many of you have written to me asking what I think about this The Atlantic article, “Masters of Love,” that has been making the rounds in cyberspace. The article shares some key research by one of my research heroes, John Gottman, and his wife Julie, about how to get to “happily ever after” in marriage and what can distinguish between marriage…read more →

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Banish the D-Word

Tip #39: Banish the D-word Are there some words that you try to keep out of your vocabulary? In our family, from the time our kids were little they knew we just didn’t say certain words in our family. Not just the usual four-letter swear words, but any word that could become a weapon used against someone else. Any word that was…read more →

When Sleeping Handsome ruins a date night

Dear Shaunti: I’m so angry with my husband that I could spit. Every now and then Dave ignores a much-needed opportunity for us to be together, and does something else instead. Like last weekend: after months of working overtime, we recently had a day all to ourselves. The kids were even at a sleepover with friends! Dave was going to…read more →

LIVE today: Our New Reading Plan with the YouVersion Bible App!

We are SO excited about our new partnership with the YouVersion Bible App! With over 100 million users, the YouVersion Bible app reaches such a wide audience and now, those who use it can access our “Biblical Secrets to a Happy Marriage” reading plan (I would call this a daily devotional, but YouVerson uses it not only as a devo…read more →

Win a Marriage Library – with the Christian Marriage Author Pinterest Board

Win a Marriage Library of TWELVE Books–with the Christian Marriage Author Pinterest Board! I am so excited about being a part of the new Christian Marriage Authors Pinterest board, started by an amazing woman, Sheila Wray Gregoire! The board features a bunch of great Christian authors who have lots of great insight and wisdom to share about marriage from many different…read more →

Zipping My Lip Finally Paid Off

Guest blog by Julie Fidler For four years, my husband worked full-time with disturbed and often violent children while going to college online. A few months ago, he marched in his cap and gown, and today his degree arrived – physical proof of his dedication, hard work and strength. We don’t have any kids of our own, so he didn’t…read more →

Calling All Teens!

Are you a teenager who would like to discuss my books? Would your son or daughter like a place to talk about For Young Women Only or For Young Men Only? Good news! We have started a new Facebook group just for teens! The group is moderated and closed, so discussions are private within the group. Share it today with the…read more →

Marriage Monday: Understand How Each Other Processes Emotions

Tip #30: Understand how each other will process strong emotions differently, to have better communication. We have all heard the funny saying men are from Mars and women are from Venus, however when it comes to processing strong emotions, this could be close to the truth! And understanding those differences will give you much better communication – especially when you…read more →