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Conquer the Calendar Without Crushing Your Kids

Dear Shaunti, My 8th grade son is getting involved in extra-curricular activities for the first time, finding out what he likes and making friends in a way he hasn’t before. Which is all great, but every new dodgeball clinic, basketball team and robotics program he signs up for is one more place I have to drive him! His dad is…read more →

The Father Wound of Anger

The Father Wound of ANGER Guest post by Michelle J. Watson, PhD, LPC If you were to walk up to me and ask, “Michelle, if you could give me one piece of advice about where to deliberately focus my attention so that I’m not perpetuating the cycle of father wounds onto my daughter, what would it be?” Without hesitation…read more →

Discuss With Your Daughters: Miss America’s Red Cup and Being Yourself

Did you catch the Miss America pageant this weekend?  A large percentage of the population missed it, either accidentally or on purpose –so did we!—but the social media world exploded anyway.  And instead of people analyzing the dresses, rolling their eyes about the swimsuit contest, or dishing about the embarrassing personal revelations, everyone was talking about Miss America’s red plastic…read more →

And the Oscar Goes To…My Teen Drama Queen

Dear Shaunti, I love my teenage daughter but how do I get her to stop being such a drama queen? Everything is a big tear-fest. She begged to play volleyball – but now when she doesn’t want to go to practices, she cries about the fact that none of the girls like her. And yesterday, she came home from a…read more →

Your Teen Is Watching Even If She Doesn’t Seem to Be Listening

Dear Shaunti, My daughter is 15 years old and I am worried that she is starting to push away not just from her dad and me but also from some of the beliefs we hold dear. What should we do? – Concerned about wandering Dear Concerned about wandering, This is definitely a sensitive subject and it touches on that very…read more →

How Do I Get My Teen to Comply Without Complaining?

Dear Shaunti, I am constantly butting heads with my 14 year-old daughter. Yesterday, she asked if she could go to a concert with a group of kids that I don’t know. With her friend’s 16 year-old brother as the driver! I said “no” to that idea before she even finished talking! She’s been pouting ever since. She complains that I…read more →

Don’t Give the Death Sentence for a Misdemeanor Crime

Dear Shaunti, My 16-year-old son came home an hour past curfew over the weekend – walked in like it was no big deal! “Hey, sorry my battery was dead so I couldn’t text you.” And then when he saw how upset we were he was like, “It was only an hour!” We said, “Yeah, well, that was an hour we…read more →

Crime and Punishment: When Do Teens Deserve Cell-Phone Restriction?

Dear Shaunti, Undoubtedly, the most effective punishment for my teenage daughter is taking away her cell phone. There’s just one little problem: she freaks out when I do. I’m certain I’d get less of a freak-out if I ordered her to sleep in a box in the yard for a week (hmmm…) What’s her deal? It’s not like she doesn’t…read more →

Pain-Free Family Fun

If you are the parent of a teenager, then you probably feel nostalgic remembering the times your family spent together when your kids were still small. Family movie nights were something your little ones looked forward to but then, suddenly, almost out of nowhere, your kids were in middle school and high school, and now it seems like you can…read more →