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We’re a fan of iDisciple – and we think you will be, too!

We’re a fan of iDisciple – and we think you will be, too! Check out iDisciple, a platform that provides an engaging on-the-go resource for growing closer to Christ. We hope you enjoy the app! You also can find additional content from Shaunti using iDisciple’s Life Themes, which brings transformational content to your fingertips. We know your walk with God is unique…read more →

My ADD son is checking out in school

Dear Shaunti, My 6th-grade son is discouraged in school and I’m worried he’s starting to check out.  He tries hard, but he has some learning issues (like ADD) that create real academic challenges.  Where his sisters get A’s with little effort, he can work for hours and get B’s and C’s on his tests.  And the teachers are great, but…read more →

My Kids Are Freaked Out About the Shemitah

Dear Shaunti, Recently my husband and I read Jonathan Cahn’s book The Harbinger, so we’re attuned to the signals of a “shaking” coming in our country.  Financial markets are tanking as we near the Shemitah, just as Cahn warned might happen. [Editorial note: the current 7-year Shemitah cycle, based on the ancient Hebrew calendar, ended Sunday September 13, 2015.  The…read more →

Play It Subtle When Talking With Teens

Dear Shaunti, I was driving my 16-year-old daughter home from volleyball practice recently when she brought up a funny comment made by one of the guys she knows at school.  Then she said, “Anna said he told her he was going to ask me to Homecoming.”   I was thrilled she was sharing something like that, since she’s been pretty tight-lipped…read more →

Bikinis, Boys, and Back to School Clothes

As I write this, I am sitting at the pool watching two twelve-year-old boys – my son and a friend – try not to stare at a gaggle of shapely teenage girls in bikinis. Also as I write this, on my to-do list for later is taking my 15-year-old daughter on an errand to pick up back-to-school clothes and sports uniform gear….read more →

When State Says Pot is OK, How Do I Convince My Child It Isn’t?

Dear Shaunti, We live in Colorado, where pot is now visible on every corner. For my teenagers, seeing someone smoking pot is as now as commonplace as seeing someone smoking cigarettes; it’s viewed as a harmless pastime. But it isn’t harmless, and I don’t want my kids to be enticed by drugs. My husband and I have even considered moving…read more →

How can I get my teen to STOP relying on social media so much?

My kids’ obsession with Instagram and other social media has gotten to ridiculous levels. My teenage daughter takes photos of her outfits before she goes to school and wears the option that got the most likes.  She’s already placing far too much value on what her peers think of her, and social media is making it worse.  I’m ready to…read more →

Drama-Free Guarantee: Talking to Teenage Boys

Dear Shaunti, My oldest son is having a tough first year of high school – leaving his old friends, trying to make new ones, and dealing with some unfair teachers. I’m thankful that at least he’s talking to us about these struggles (I was worried that he wouldn’t) but when he explains the latest issue, all we get is the…read more →

What Does It Mean to Lead Your Daughter Spiritually?

What Does It Mean to Lead Your Daughter Spiritually? Guest post by Dr. Michelle J. Watson. Dads…I realize that I may be treading on sacred ground here as I provide you with suggestions about what it means to be a spiritual influence in your daughter’s life, so please understand that I am approaching this subject with the greatest of respect….read more →

Conquer the Calendar Without Crushing Your Kids

Dear Shaunti, My 8th grade son is getting involved in extra-curricular activities for the first time, finding out what he likes and making friends in a way he hasn’t before. Which is all great, but every new dodgeball clinic, basketball team and robotics program he signs up for is one more place I have to drive him! His dad is…read more →