For the Workplace

The Foreign Culture of Men’s Minds

Did you ever have to enter an unknown culture for your work?  Did it make you uneasy?  Did you prepare?    Did you read up on the geography, language, rituals, and nuances so that you would be successful? What does this have to do with opposite genders working together?  As noted in my book, For Women Only: What You Need to…read more →

Know Your Audience

In graduate school, one of my favorite classes was Harvard Law School’s renowned Negotiations course.  The professors – the co-authors of Getting to Yes – demonstrated that THE  key to negotiation is to thoroughly understand the other party and their interests.  Know your audience, get inside their head, understand both their interest and their perceptions – including of you –…read more →

Men Perceive “Emotions” as Way More Than Crying

We always say that men are uncomfortable with emotions.  But what does that really mean?  What do they consider to be part of the “emotional” realm?  It can’t be that men have no emotions.  Rather, men display emotion differently than women.  Biological architecture of male brains enables them to experience the four basic emotions – sadness, happiness, anger, and fear…read more →

How to Filter the Resource List

For any particular audience (for women, for men, for parents, etc.) click on one or more “Display Only” buttons at the top or the bottom of the Resource page to limit the list by type of content, such as just audio or articles and videos only.    

Modesty Matters

In this Focus on the Family article, Shaunti Feldhan discusses how clothing that calls attention to one’s figure presents a serious temptation to even the most godly of men.


Sisterhood with a Liberal Feminist – and Fellow Mom

Isn’t it wonderful when we find common ground to pull together as “Mom” in a common sisterhood – not caring if we are conservative or liberal! Just a few short weeks ago, Anne-Marie Slaughter wasn’t a household name. But then this quite liberal, feminist-leaning, female leader in the public-policy arena said something so controversial – and so true – that…read more →

The Life Ready Woman

Are you a “doing it all” or “do what matters” woman?” Whether a stay at home; or working mom, an airplane-hopping executive, an empty-nester caring for multiple generations or a single juggling high demands of career and personal life, today’s fast-paced modern world leaves women gasping for balance. We as modern Christian women want to look to the Bible for…read more →

The Life Ready Woman

An Almost Miss…of a God Moment (Part 1)

Beginning as an analyst and researcher, little did I know that God’s plan would open the door to helping readers and listeners understand the most important things about the most important people in their lives.  What a privilege! For years now, as an author and speaker I’ve been used to the quirks of life on the road. But last week’s…read more →

A “Rest-Beat”: A Tool for Finding Time for Yourself (Part 1)

Shaunti’s much needed Life Ready Woman series was developed to help women understand their role in today’s “do-it-all” world. Shaunti has been a mom for 12 years; she and Jeff have been married for 17 years. I was recently asked, “How do working moms get some ‘me’ time?” This is a question that I think can apply to any busy…read more →