For Youth Leaders

How Guys Think

Clip for Youth Events – discussion of how guys think and how their thinking is different from that of girls.

Cover Girl!

Sunscreen, towel, bathing suit…..and cover up! Something to think about when we take our daughters shopping for that new bathing suit or cute outfit! Summer is here along with all the fun bright patterns and colors, sandals and pedicures … and swimsuits.  For the majority of moms, when our little girls start blossoming, their natural desire to look more grown…read more →

Am I Ugly?

Moms, Lets Counter the Trend of Our Girls Feeling Inferior! As a mom of an almost-12-year-old daughter – and a social researcher who has extensively interviewed and surveyed teenagers – my heart is hurting as I see the newest YouTube trend.

Inside Conversation

In an interview with Lisa Rice, Jeff and Shaunti offer a peek at what men and women are really thinking (and how to understand each other).


Girls, Guys, & God: The FYWO/FYMO Talk Guide for Teens (Free Download)

Engage your youth group in a shocking and eye-opening (in a good way!) discussion about healthy guy/girl relationships. Address teens’ most top-of-mind topics with surprising facts about how the opposite sex thinks Choose either a four-session or comprehensive thirteen-session guide Both guides come complete with leader’s notes, self-assessment questions, and handouts   Click on the images below and look for…read more →

Insider DVD Pack: For Young Women Only DVD Study

Provides key insight for teenage girls who are trying to understand boys. Cuts through all the mumbo-jumbo to deliver straightforward answers using data from a national scientific survey and in-depth personal interviews. DVD-driven video segments featuring teaching clips with Feldhahn and Rice, interview clips with Brit Nicole, and interviews with lots of guys speaking about each issue. Member Book and…read more →

For Parents Only

For every bewildered parent, there’s a kid longing to be understood What parent hasn’t occasionally looked at their beloved but bewildering offspring and wondered,What in the world is he thinking? or Why is my sweet little girl acting like that? In this remarkable book, Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa Rice take you inside the mind of teens and preteens through the same innovative…read more →

For Young Women Only

Unlock the Male Mystery Guys will be guys. And now girls can know what that means! For Young Women Only dives into the mysterious inner-workings of the teenage male mind so that you can begin to understand why guys say and do what they do. Exploring critical topics including respect, insecurity, appearance, physical affection, and the “tough and tender”-ness of guys, this…read more →

For Young Men Only

A Guy’s Guide to the Alien Gender Why do girls sometimes seem like alien beings? Find out — For Young Men Only reveals the real truth about what teenage girls think, what they want, and how average teen guys can build healthy friendships with high quality girls. Drawing on a fresh national survey of 600 teen girls, as well as hundreds of…read more →

Made to Crave – Young Women

What do you crave to make you happy? …every day is filled with things we want and crave. Things that will make us feel good at least for a moment. But what happens when that moment is gone and the need returns? There’s nothing wrong with wanting certain things, but God didn’t create us to rely on those things to…read more →

Made to Crave for Young Women