For Men

Is your wife worried about something? 3 things to NEVER say.

1. “Just don’t think about it.”  Women have no idea what that means.  If she’s worried that her best friend suddenly isn’t talking to her, she has no way to not think about it.  As men, you have this amazing ability to close out an unwelcome thought – almost like closing out a window on your computer desktop. But as…read more →

How do I convince my wife to let me see her body?

Dear Shaunti, OK, awkward question but here goes: how can I convince my wife to let me see her in all her glory?  We have a decent sex life, we don’t have any real marriage problems, and I’m careful to not check out other women.  But she still seems to feel like how she looks is not “enough” somehow.  She…read more →

I’m Unhealthy and My Wife is Unhappy

Dear Shaunti, Things haven’t been great between me and my wife the past few months. I’m not happy at work, we’re behind on our bills, and I’ve been pretty down.  I’ve gained thirty pounds in the last year from eating a lot of junk and watching a lot of TV, which is not good because I’m a diabetic. I’ve wound…read more →

My Lady Is A Loose Cannon

Dear Shaunti, I used to think I was crazy, but these days I feel like I’m the stable one in our house.  I recently read a news report where this guy called 911 because his wife refused to speak to him. It’s ridiculous, but I can relate. Just a couple days ago, we were out with old friends who started…read more →

Husbands, reassure your wife

Tip #50: Husbands, when you are angry or upset with your wife and need to get some space, reassure her that “We’re okay” before you pull away – and give her a hug when you come back. — There is one fairly simple thing you as a guy can do that will dramatically increase your wife’s happiness and security in…read more →

Make-Up Sex: Does it Exist Beyond the Locker Room?

Dear Shaunti, The other day, I got into a big fight with my wife. In an attempt to make things right, I tried to get intimate–and she got furious! We’ve only been married a few years, and honestly we don’t fight that much. But I’ve heard from lots of friends that make up sex is a common way of restoring…read more →

What Women Want … In a War of Words

Dear Shaunti,  The other day, I got into a huge fight with my wife. I was mad and couldn’t talk to her. I was worried I would say something bad and be a total jerk. But the next day when things simmered down, she told me she didn’t know if I still loved her.  Seriously?! And this isn’t the first…read more →

Taking a “Second Glance” at a Woman

When I was writing my book For Women Only, one of the subjects I struggled with the most was what I was learning about men’s visual nature, and the fact that even the most godly, devoted husband had an automatic temptation to notice when an attractive woman who was showing off her figure walked by.   Of course, we all hope…read more →

Am I Beautiful?

See if this pulls up a familiar image in your mind: a dutiful husband is pulling “purse duty” just outside the changing rooms as his wife tries on new clothes at the mall when, suddenly, his wife emerges and proclaims that nothing “looks right.” And how many guys have been dressed, sitting on the couch ready to go, while their…read more →