11 Signs You Can Totally Trust Your Partner

Reader’s Digest Article by Marissa Laliberte
While part of trust is simply taking your partner’s word, these little indicators make it easier to know you’re in a loving, stable relationship.

CBN News: Millennials and The Good News About Marriage

A big question many Millennials are asking is, "Should I have hope for marriage?" There are so many depressing statistics about divorce circulating, sometimes even from the pulpit, that the generation often questions if a happy marriage is even possible. Best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn says divorce isn’t the greatest threat to marriage. Discouragement is. Read more.

Online Resources for Your Own Research

A list of resources representing a good portion of the sources referenced and used for The Good News About Marriage book. Just remember that you will see a great many confusing and contradictory numbers as you go; which is why we felt it was necessary to write The Good News About Marriage to begin with.

If you want to contact Tally Whitehead, for your own research, feel free to do so via

Census Bureau: Marriage and Divorce

This link takes you to the general main page to look up several surveys done by the Census Bureau, including SIPP and ACS reports mentioned in the book.

Center for Single-Parent Family Ministry

Gary Sprague, president of the Center for Single-Parent Family Ministry. A website of Focus on the Family offering a wide variety of materials and resources for the single parent, events, weekend retreats, and networking. This is an incredible resource for single parents to mark as your ‘favorites’ on your browser.


Crosswalk (Parenting Section)

This fantastic resource provides free parenting articles and forums.

Today’s Christian Woman (Parenting Section)

Your online magazine full of free articles and magazine resources.

Today's Christian Woman

Focus on the Family (Parenting Section)

Focus on the Family’s parenting area has some excellent articles and resources not just for married couples, but for single parents and families with special needs children.

Family Life (Parenting Section)

Family Life, the ministry of Dennis and Barbara Rainey. The website’s “parenting” section has many resources including free articles you will love.

Faithful and True

Faithful & True (formerly Faithful and True Ministries) is a Christian counseling organization specializing in the treatment of individuals and couples struggling because of sexual addiction/infidelity.

Faithful and True

Setting Captives Free

This non-profit website offers interactive online courses to find freedom from pornography and sexual impurity of any kind as well as any other addiction. Courses are offered for either the person addicted to porn or the spouse. On their site you will find free MP3 downloads of sessions and testimonials, course offerings, and much more.

Setting Captives Free