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Menopause, Aging and the Sexual Female

As you know, this series has been addressing some specific questions about physical intimacy that I get asked a lot at my conferences but which need a true expert to answer. I think Dr Townsend’s final piece in this series will be helpful to many but part of that helpfulness involves being a bit more, um, ‘specific’ in her advice, and that meant more adult content and language than I was comfortable with on a blog feed! :-). This article addresses some of the challenges that menopause may bring for sexual intimacy.


Impact of Specific Medical Conditions and Suggestions

The barometer of the health of a marriage is the level of intimacy in the relationship. Most serious medical conditions or injuries have some sexual side effects. So what can you do to keep the flames going when your medical condition, accident, or surgery seems to douse the fire in your marriage? Here are some practical suggestions from Christian sex therapist Dr. Sue Townsend.


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Inside Conversation

In an interview with Lisa Rice, Jeff and Shaunti offer a peek at what men and women are really thinking (and how to understand each other).


Modesty Matters

In this Focus on the Family article, Shaunti Feldhan discusses how clothing that calls attention to one’s figure presents a serious temptation to even the most godly of men.


National Men’s Survey

This is a blank survey of questions for men so that you can customize the For Women Only book to your personal situation? We frequently get requests for a blank survey so a husband or boyfriend can take the survey himself so that both he and his wife or girlfriend can better understand his thoughts and feelings.