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The Foreign Culture Of A Man’s Mind And How To Navigate It 

Have you ever travelled to a foreign country with a very different culture for your work? Were you uneasy? Did you read up on the geography, language, rituals, and nuances so that you would be successful? When I was working as a financial analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, my primary responsibility was investigating and analyzing the…read more →

We’re a fan of iDisciple – and we think you will be, too!

We’re a fan of iDisciple – and we think you will be, too! Check out iDisciple, a platform that provides an engaging on-the-go resource for growing closer to Christ. We hope you enjoy the app! You also can find additional content from Shaunti using iDisciple’s Life Themes, which brings transformational content to your fingertips. We know your walk with God is unique…read more →

Tell Your Drama to Your Mama (or Your Girlfriends)

Dear Shaunti, I’m always balancing my roles as a mom, wife and businesswoman, but I work almost entirely with men who don’t “get” how much more I have to juggle than they do—especially when there’s a problem at home. I recently had an especially stressful few days where my husband and kids were sick, I was nearing a deadline on…read more →

I Love This Article: “Ahhh, You’re Wearing That?”

I love this article from my friend and senior exec Diane Paddison – “Ahhh, You’re Wearing That?.”  All about how she handles it when male colleagues ask her (as one of few female execs in a male-dominated industry) to talk to a woman employee that they want to see advance, but whose business attire is putting obstacles in her way….read more →

Why Your Male Co-Worker May Be Annoyed at You

Dear Shaunti, I just got out of a big meeting where one of my male co-workers got super annoyed with me and I don’t know why. We’re trying to land a big contract and he was presenting his strategy to the group and our boss. A couple of times, I politely asked why he came to a particular decision, so…read more →

2 Ways Flex-Time Moms Can Prevent Resentment from Male Co-Workers

Dear Shaunti,  I work full-time, have 3 small children and work a flex schedule. This works really well for my family but my male co-workers get frustrated when they can’t reach me during traditional office hours. I’m getting all my work done but I’m worried they’re not viewing me as an equal colleague because they don’t always see me in…read more →

Sexual Attraction in the Workplace

Moody Radio Interview – How to Navigate Attraction in the Workplace Listen to this one hour debate between Christopher Heuertz and Shaunti Feldhahn about whether or not Iowa dentist Dr. James Knight was justified when he fired employee, Melissa Nelson, who worked as a dental assistant for being “irresistible”.  Dr. Knight complained Nelson wore tight clothes and was a “detriment” to…read more →

Echoes from the Courtroom

There it was…glaring up at me as if to remind me that my well-ordered life could be catapulted into chaos in an instant. I must confess to a not-so-generous reaction when I was summoned for jury duty recently. Sadly, my thought process was not, “Oh, good, I have always strongly supported the notion of a free and just society, and…read more →

The Foreign Culture of Men’s Minds

Did you ever have to enter an unknown culture for your work?  Did it make you uneasy?  Did you prepare?  Did you read up on the geography, language, rituals, and nuances so that you would be successful? What does this have to do with opposite genders working together?  As noted in my book, For Women Only: What You Need to…read more →