How to Surprise Your Wife In Ways That Will Delight Her

Men, have you ever been surprised when you’ve tried to surprise your wife? I heard just such a story recently, and I’ll bet you can feel this guy’s pain. Even though baseball tickets at the new stadium were WAY out of their budget, this guy knew his wife would LOVE to go – and he unexpectedly managed to get tickets! Not…read more →

4 Secrets in Your Man’s Heart (That You Need to Know)

Ladies, if you could improve your relationship with your man by applying a few simple truths, would you?  Seriously: think about that question. Because I’ve found in my research with thousands of men for For Women Only, that the things that light your man up — and which hurt him — are probably quite different from those that would do…read more →

When He Denies Needing Your Help, Here’s Why

Ladies, has your man ever refused to admit that he should go see a doctor or claimed that he knows where he’s going when he is clearly lost? He’s not alone. A man will typically insist that “he’s fine,” that “it’s all good,” that he “doesn’t need help”—even when we might just insist otherwise. My research with men for For…read more →

5 Reasons To Leave The Lights On For Sex

Yes, the idea is scary for many women! But in my years of social research, I have uncovered many truths that men wish we knew, but they don’t know how to tell us. And, I heard the heart behind this wish – and discovered five surprising reasons to take the risk. Reason #1: When he knows you want him, it…read more →

Sex and Men’s True Hidden Desire

Wives, does your husband want sex…again? It’s not just a physical need — it’s also about emotions. Here are three things he’s not saying out loud when he comes to you for sex: 1. “I need to feel desirable.”  We women may think sex is just a physical need for a guy, but that’s not most of what is going on….read more →

The Guaranteed Cure for “Grumpy Guy” Syndrome

He’s an involved dad. He’s respected at church. People come to him for advice. He’s an all-around great guy but more and more often he seems to transform into “Mister Grumpy” when he gets home. Either small things seem to upset him, or he easily becomes withdrawn – or both. Wish there was a prescription that would turn your husband…read more →

4 Things That Will Strengthen Your Long-Distance Relationship

Today’s article is a guest post from my Digital Content Manager, Caroline Niziol. Caroline has been on my team since 2014 and works primarily on blogs, social media, and lots of other projects. I hope everyone involved in long-distance relationships finds her article encouraging. These points are great to keep in mind whether or not you’re currently doing the 30-Day…read more →

Two Practical Ways to Encourage Your Sons

Many boys these days go through challenging times that are not of their making, and yet they affect how our sons view themselves. Every day, boys experience challenges at school that make them feel stupid, especially since our sit-still-and-listen school processes are not necessarily optimally designed for how boys’ brains learn! Perhaps even more toxic to how our sons view…read more →

The secret to being a wife he adores

In the research for For Women Only and The Kindness Challenge, I’ve seen an overlooked, seemingly old-fashioned secret. If you want to be a wife that your husband adores, practice using an affirming tone and eliminating a contentious one. Tweet this: “If you want to be a wife that your husband adores, practice using an affirming tone and eliminating a…read more →

3 Things Underneath Your Husband’s Desire for Sex

Your husband wants sex? 3 things he’s not saying out loud: 1. “I need to feel desirable.”  We women may think sex is just a physical need for a guy, but that’s not most of what is going on. When his wife responds to him – or initiates it herself! – it meets a deep emotional need to feel that his wife…read more →

3 Essential Things You Need to Know About A Man’s Brain

The funniest movie moment I saw last summer comes at the very end of Inside Out, as the main preteen girl character talks to a preteen boy at a hockey rink. We’ve been seeing inside her head the whole movie, but instantly the camera zooms out of her brain and into his…. where his mental control room is suddenly in chaos. The…read more →

3 Things Every Boy Needs From His Mom

In more than a decade of research with thousands of men and boys over the years, one thing that has stood out is the power of a mom’s words to build her son up – or (accidentally) tear him down. Whether your son is five or fifteen, several phrases are a big, big deal. Here are three: 1. “I’m so…read more →