The Male Brain

Tell Your Drama to Your Mama (or Your Girlfriends)

Dear Shaunti, I’m always balancing my roles as a mom, wife and businesswoman, but I work almost entirely with men who don’t “get” how much more I have to juggle than they do—especially when there’s a problem at home. I recently had an especially stressful few days where my husband and kids were sick, I was nearing a deadline on…read more →

Sexual Attraction in the Workplace

Moody Radio Interview – How to Navigate Attraction in the Workplace Listen to this one hour debate between Christopher Heuertz and Shaunti Feldhahn about whether or not Iowa dentist Dr. James Knight was justified when he fired employee, Melissa Nelson, who worked as a dental assistant for being “irresistible”.  Dr. Knight complained Nelson wore tight clothes and was a “detriment” to…read more →

Men Perceive “Emotions” as Way More Than Crying

We always say that men are uncomfortable with emotions.  But what does that really mean?  What do they consider to be part of the “emotional” realm?  It can’t be that men have no emotions.  Rather, men display emotion differently than women.  Biological architecture of male brains enables them to experience the four basic emotions – sadness, happiness, anger, and fear…read more →

Modesty Matters

In this Focus on the Family article, Shaunti Feldhan discusses how clothing that calls attention to one’s figure presents a serious temptation to even the most godly of men.