Windows into the Mind

Insecurity in Men

One of the most challenging topics for women to receive relates to insecurity in men.  Do you find yourself relating to this clip at all?  

Loving Her Anyway

If it seems like your wife is picking fights, it’s not to be cruel; she is subconsciously making sure you love her, no matter what.  


Shaunti discusses men’s hidden and unrecognized insecurities.

For Men Only Audio Book

You love her, you plan to spend the rest of your life with her, but you just can’t figure her out! Thanks to bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn and her husband Jeff you now can have a reliable “map” of what makes women tick. Culled from hundreds of interviews and scientific research, the Feldhahns debunk the notion that women are complicated…read more →

Fighting Back with Love

Women often unintentionally push their man away when she’s hurt and upset about something to see if he really loves her enough to pursue her.  We can be prickly and unloving when we feel insecure or hurt.  But usually what we need in that moment when we are the most difficult to love, is a gentle, persistent reassurance that you…read more →

Men are Wired to Admire but…

Are you excusing men for lusting after other women/porn? An emotionally stirring issue. No matter where I speak – a women’s event, marriage event, on the radio, a collegecampus – this one question stirs emotion more than any other. Unfortunately, it is also the one topic about which I am most often misunderstood. No doubt about it, men notice attractive…read more →