Eyes Only For Her

Taking a “Second Glance” at a Woman

When I was writing my book For Women Only, one of the subjects I struggled with the most was what I was learning about men’s visual nature, and the fact that even the most godly, devoted husband had an automatic temptation to notice when an attractive woman who was showing off her figure walked by.   Of course, we all hope…read more →

Am I Beautiful?

See if this pulls up a familiar image in your mind: a dutiful husband is pulling “purse duty” just outside the changing rooms as his wife tries on new clothes at the mall when, suddenly, his wife emerges and proclaims that nothing “looks right.” And how many guys have been dressed, sitting on the couch ready to go, while their…read more →

Prep Time In the Bathroom Could Pay Off In the Bedroom

Dear Shaunti: I used to really look forward to our Friday night date nights, but they’ve become a source of tension. For meetings at work, my wife is spot on time. But for our dates, she takes SO LONG getting ready you’d think she’s about to compete on “Dancing with the Stars.” I’m a pretty patient guy, but I’m tired…read more →

For Men Only Audio Book

You love her, you plan to spend the rest of your life with her, but you just can’t figure her out! Thanks to bestselling author Shaunti Feldhahn and her husband Jeff you now can have a reliable “map” of what makes women tick. Culled from hundreds of interviews and scientific research, the Feldhahns debunk the notion that women are complicated…read more →

Men are Wired to Admire but…

Are you excusing men for lusting after other women/porn? An emotionally stirring issue. No matter where I speak – a women’s event, marriage event, on the radio, a collegecampus – this one question stirs emotion more than any other. Unfortunately, it is also the one topic about which I am most often misunderstood. No doubt about it, men notice attractive…read more →

Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts

Men can’t NOT notice an attractive woman, and sometimes those thoughts pop up in his brain…whether he wants them to or not!

Advice for Couples Struggling With Pornography

My marriage is in a breakdown because my wife discovered I’m struggling with porn and she’s having a hard time with this – what do we do? By Jackie Coleman First and foremost, it’s encouraging that you’ve worded your question, “What do we do?” instead of placing 100 percent of the responsibility on the other person. The fact is, there…read more →

Modesty Matters

In this Focus on the Family article, Shaunti Feldhan discusses how clothing that calls attention to one’s figure presents a serious temptation to even the most godly of men.