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Men: Four phrases that make you a hero to your wife

Guys, I know from the For Men Only research that you want to make your wife happy.  And in many ways you already do!  But if you want to hit the happiness jackpot, here are the four phrases that (in roughly 80% of cases) will put you into hero category: 1. “Here, let me do that…”  Saying “What can I do…read more →

Is your wife worried about something? 3 things to NEVER say.

1. “Just don’t think about it.”  Women have no idea what that means.  If she’s worried that her best friend suddenly isn’t talking to her, she has no way to not think about it.  As men, you have this amazing ability to close out an unwelcome thought – almost like closing out a window on your computer desktop. But as…read more →

How do I convince my wife to let me see her body?

Dear Shaunti, OK, awkward question but here goes: how can I convince my wife to let me see her in all her glory?  We have a decent sex life, we don’t have any real marriage problems, and I’m careful to not check out other women.  But she still seems to feel like how she looks is not “enough” somehow.  She…read more →

My Lady Is A Loose Cannon

Dear Shaunti, I used to think I was crazy, but these days I feel like I’m the stable one in our house.  I recently read a news report where this guy called 911 because his wife refused to speak to him. It’s ridiculous, but I can relate. Just a couple days ago, we were out with old friends who started…read more →

The Science of Seducation: Create Chemistry by Getting Physical

Dear Shaunti, My wife is constantly nagging me about taking care of myself, but I feel like I’m doing a good enough job where that is concerned. I work out sometimes, and try to eat healthy when I can, although I do enjoy some junk food! Lately, I’ve been noticing that she seems to be less receptive to my advances…read more →

Why won’t my wife trust me?

Dear Shaunti, You say that women have worries that pop up in their minds, almost like open windows on a computer. I see that in my wife every day – but to me, it looks like she just doesn’t trust me at all. And it’s become a huge issue in our marriage. For example, I’m in construction today, but years ago…read more →

Marriage Mondays: Encourage Your Wife to Resolve Her Worries

Tip #24: Men, instead of saying “Just don’t let it bother you” encourage your wife’s actions to resolve what is worrying her. Husbands, imagine this scene: all week your wife has been a bit preoccupied and upset about something going on with her relationship with her mom. You have listened to her, encouraged her, she has talked it through more…read more →

Men, Listen and Understand Your Wife’s Feelings First

Marriage Mondays: Men, Listen and Understand Your Wife’s Feelings First Every guy has been there. Your wife comes home from work or school or managing a playdate, very upset about something that happened. Let’s say that someone she thought was a close co-worker threw her under the bus and got her in trouble with her boss. So she arrives home…read more →