Good News About Marriage

Avoid divorce with this simple recipe for a happy marriage

I love that social science now regularly disproves this long-held belief of our culture: that if you are very unhappy in your marriage, it’s better to be realistic and just move on.  Because there is very little chance that you will eventually be very happy together.  Especially since so few people are happy anyway, right? Wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong! When I…read more →

Proof that Church Attendance Matters

I don’t have a lot of pet peeves. But one of the few is when people quote the old urban legend, “Well, you know, the rate of divorce is the same in the church.” Which is one I debunked in my 2014 book, The Good News About Marriage. Really, any urban legend gets under my skin, but this one infuriates…read more →

The One Sneaky Trap That Will Kill Your Marriage

“If I had heard this a few years ago, I wouldn’t be divorced today.” I can’t tell you how often I have heard that phrase.  Most recently last weekend, after the worship services at a mega church in the Midwest.  The pastor had interviewed me as the sermon on Restoring Hope for Marriage, and asked what my research shows are…read more →

Why not take the test drive? – Part 2 (More on cohabitation, getting engaged, and getting committed)

Last week, I posted an article, “Why not take the test drive? The case against cohabitation,” on the unseen dangers of cohabitation before marriage. (As a recap: research shows that couples who live together without being engaged have a greater chance of divorce if they do get married; cohabitation increases the chances of ignoring red flags and “sliding” into marriage as…read more →

Why not take the test drive? The case against cohabitation

Dear Shaunti,   I’m a pastor who works with young couples.  As you know, most people live together before they get married and I can’t figure out how to talk to them about it.  I know from scripture that it’s a bad idea, but couples always ask “But why?”  To them, it just seems logical to try out a live-in…read more →

New Research on Divorce Risks & Age of Marriage

Question: I saw that chances of divorce rise again for those married over age 32.  Is that true? New Research on Divorce Risks & Age of Marriage You may have seen the alarming articles, warning readers that now getting married at a later age will increase your chances of divorce. Yes, a new study did come out showing that delaying too…read more →

CBN News: Millennials and The Good News About Marriage

A big question many Millennials are asking is, "Should I have hope for marriage?" There are so many depressing statistics about divorce circulating, sometimes even from the pulpit, that the generation often questions if a happy marriage is even possible. Best-selling author Shaunti Feldhahn says divorce isn’t the greatest threat to marriage. Discouragement is. Read more.

Go to Church

Tip 12: Go to Church One of the biggest myths discouraging churchgoers in recent decades is the notion that “George Barna found the rate of divorce is the same in the church.” On the contrary, George Barna found no such thing – and the real facts point us to a key action for anyone who wants strong, happy and long-lasting…read more →

Never waver from knowing your marriage will last a lifetime

Tip 11: Never waver from knowing your marriage will last a lifetime I can still remember one of the most visually-effective points I’ve ever seen made by a professor. In my business school course on financial institutions, the professor was talking about a recent Wall Street scandal. He surveyed the usual horseshoe-shaped amphitheater, walked over to a student in the…read more →