Understanding Girls

Gain More Pull With Your Kids By Pushing Less

Dear Shaunti, My 13-year-old daughter rocks at math and science.  She is at the top of her 8th grade class, and is one of the only girls in a robotics elective.   My husband and I have always told her she’ll make a great engineer or doctor someday, and she used to LOVE that.  But she also likes choir a lot,…read more →

Desperate Girl

This Meme cracked us up. Reminds me of this section from For Young Men Only:*  “A girl we’ll call Molly told us that she had signed an abstinence agreement with her parents and fully intended to save sex until marriage.  But then she had a pushy boyfriend and wasn’t careful about the make-out situations she let herself get into.  Eventually…read more →

How Guys Think

Clip for Youth Events – discussion of how guys think and how their thinking is different from that of girls.

Am I Ugly?

Moms, Lets Counter the Trend of Our Girls Feeling Inferior! As a mom of an almost-12-year-old daughter – and a social researcher who has extensively interviewed and surveyed teenagers – my heart is hurting as I see the newest YouTube trend.