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We’re a fan of iDisciple – and we think you will be, too!

We’re a fan of iDisciple – and we think you will be, too! Check out iDisciple, a platform that provides an engaging on-the-go resource for growing closer to Christ. We hope you enjoy the app! You also can find additional content from Shaunti using iDisciple’s Life Themes, which brings transformational content to your fingertips. We know your walk with God is unique…read more →

Gain More Pull With Your Kids By Pushing Less

Dear Shaunti, My 13-year-old daughter rocks at math and science.  She is at the top of her 8th grade class, and is one of the only girls in a robotics elective.   My husband and I have always told her she’ll make a great engineer or doctor someday, and she used to LOVE that.  But she also likes choir a lot,…read more →

Discuss With Your Daughters: Miss America’s Red Cup and Being Yourself

Did you catch the Miss America pageant this weekend?  A large percentage of the population missed it, either accidentally or on purpose –so did we!—but the social media world exploded anyway.  And instead of people analyzing the dresses, rolling their eyes about the swimsuit contest, or dishing about the embarrassing personal revelations, everyone was talking about Miss America’s red plastic…read more →

A book, a forum … and here comes the bride

Meet Clarissa and Grant – two singles who met on Shaunti’s teen forums and … well, let them tell you their story Boy Meets Girl Grant:  After reading FYMO (For Young Men Only) as recommended by a friend, and several failed attempts at relationships over the years, I joined the FYMO/FYWO (For Young Women Only) forums, learned a lot, and…read more →

Desperate Girl

This Meme cracked us up. Reminds me of this section from For Young Men Only:*  “A girl we’ll call Molly told us that she had signed an abstinence agreement with her parents and fully intended to save sex until marriage.  But then she had a pushy boyfriend and wasn’t careful about the make-out situations she let herself get into.  Eventually…read more →

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