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The Best Habit for Improving Marriages

In this article Shaunti shares a tip she believes is one of the best habits for improving marriages – it’s the 30 Day Kindness Challenge.




For You – Busting Cultural Myths About Marriage and Divorce

In this article Shaunti debunks several discouraging myths about marriage and the divorce rate, including church attendance does make a difference in the divorce rate which has never been close to 50%.



Couple Holding HandsFor You – In Marriage the Little Things Make a Big Difference

In this article Shaunti knocks down the subtle but widespread myth that marriage is utterly complicated and that most problems require serious, long-term intervention to solve. Her latest research project and book The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages, it was clear that having a great marriage or healing a broken one is usually dependent on the little things, not the big ones!



42-15618365When She Needs to Talk and He Needs Not To

Shaunti discusses male brain wiring, their need for time to process and women’s need for reassurance.




Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages


Is It True That That Cost of Wedding Matters?

You may have seen articles everywhere recently, saying that success factors for a lasting marriage include everything from a cheap wedding, to a large number of people in attendance, to what you thought about your partner’s looks! I was so curious, I took a look at the actual study behind all those articles. Read More


Higher Divorce Rates for Special Groups of People?

Shaunti addresses the question: “Regarding two specific demographics…if the 50% divorce rate is not true, what about the divorce rates for certain sub groups, like those with Aspergers (may be as high as 80%) or lawyers (60%)? Are those stats true?”