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Praises for The Good News About Marriage

“Shaunti makes a good case that there are many solid, evidence-based reasons to be encouraged about the state of marriage and to encourage others as well. We cannot talk about marriage and divorce as we have in the past. I look forward to telling people the good news about marriage!”- From the foreword by Andy Stanley


“In the thirty-two years I have been deeply immersed in the world of marriage ministry, I have been demoralized at times by the negative statistics quoted. And now I am ecstatic as I read the truth in this incredible book. Thank you, Shaunti, for doing the hard work necessary to expose the myths and lies and for finally revealing the facts about marriage. This book and the undeniable research in it is a game changer!”

Jimmy Evans, Founder and CEO of MarriageToday, senior pastor of Trinity Fellowship

“This is an important book. Shaunti and Tally do an impressive job of showing that there is room for different viewpoints on divorce statistics and room for optimism about marriage. I believe that people make higher-risk choices partly because they have lost hope in marriage, and this book presents a basis for real hope.”

Dr. Scott Stanley, Coauthor of A Lasting Promise, research professor at the University of Denver

“Lamenting the demise of the family has almost become a cottage industry. There’s a lot of legitimate bad news out there, but Shaunti reminds readers that the situation might not be nearly as dire as we think—in fact, there are encouraging signs of hope. That’s a welcome message!”

Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family

“There are many bad stats out there about marriage, but Shaunti debunks those myths and provides clarity about marriage in general and how to strengthen your own marriage. The Good News About Marriage is well worth your time.”

Ed Stetzer, PhD, President of LifeWay Research

“Every Christian leader in America needs to read the groundbreaking, hope-filled research in this book. Then they need to recommend that everyone in their sphere of influence read it as well! This is one of the most important marriage books I’ve ever read, and it will change how all of us think and talk about marriage and divorce.”

Lysa TerKeurst, New York Times best-selling author, president of Proverbs 31 Ministries

“In counseling, a couple often comes in with no hope. It will make such a difference if they believe ‘We can get through this – because most people do!’ Shaunti and Tally’s research provides a solid foundation for hope as counselors, we need to share the ‘Good News About Marriage ‘.”

Gary Chapman, Ph.D. NY Times bestselling author of The Five Love Languages

Tyler Reagin, Executive director of Catalyst

The Good News About Marriage offers an important word of encouragement to believers who wonder if faith makes a difference in modern married life. Believers who put their faith into practice—who worship together and pray together—are much more likely to enjoy stable and happy marriages. This is good news indeed.”

W. Bradford Wilcox, Director of the National Marriage Project, associate professor of sociology at the University of Virginia

“Academically rigorous, honest, and refreshingly bold, this book will make you question what you’ve always heard about the bad news of marriage. A seminal work, this book could change the social narrative about marriage for generations. This is a must-read for academics, marriage educators, and couples alike.”

Ron L. Deal, Director of FamilyLife Blended, best-selling author of The Smart Stepfamily

“This groundbreaking research gives us a whole different framework to think about marriage, divorce, and relationships. This is fantastic material that provides powerful tools to help us improve our personal relationships and those in our communities.”

Jud Wilhite, Author of The God of Yes, pastor of Central Christian Church

“Shaunti’s thoroughly researched book will inject life and hope, not only into our national consciousness about marriage, but also into every individual marriage in the country.”

Dr. Tim Clinton, President of American Association of Christian Counselors, executive director of Center for Counseling and Family Studies at Liberty University

“Shaunti takes aim at marriage myths that have spread like cancer through our culture—myths that have become self-fulfilling prophecies. This book is packed with game-changing revelations! Bravo to Shaunti for her outstanding research.”

Emerson Eggerichs, Best-selling author of Love and Respect

“This is some of the most important information on marriage for this generation, and Shaunti brings practical inspiration on every page. This is the new go-to book for facts on marriages in America—and it’s much better news than we often hear.”

Dr. Jim Burns, President of HomeWord, author of Creating an Intimate Marriage and Closer

“You’ve read the bad news about marriage—the cohabiting couples, extramarital affairs, and soaring divorce rates. But this book shows there’s a lot of good news about marriage today, and it’s about time someone said so!”

Bob Lepine, Co-host of FamilyLife Today

“It’s impossible to overstate the importance of these findings. Our beliefs directly influence our actions, and our beliefs about marriage have been wrong. Shaunti and Tally provide genuine hope that is based on truth. This book changes everything.”

Christopher McCluskey, Best-selling author, president of Professional Christian Coaching Institute

“Shaunti Feldhahn presents profound truth in the most relatable way. We have consistently used her books to help lay foundations for strong marriages in our church and to gain tremendous perspective about our own relationship. Now, in The Good News About Marriage, Shaunti gives us the gifts of a positive perspective and a practical strategy to make the most of our marriages.”

Steven and Holly Furtick, Lead pastor of Elevation Church, author of the New York Times bestseller Greater

“Shaunti and her team have certainly done their homework—and the implications of this good news are huge! As a person who wants to help churches help marriages, I’m more determined than ever. This is a must-read for anyone who is impacted by marriages. And that means all of us.”

Ted Lowe, Founder of MarriedPeople

“Marriage works! And it works really, really well! Unfortunately, that has become “a secret” in today’s world, buried under a host of modern myths that equate marriage more like a game of Russian roulette. Thank you Shaunti fo ryour exceptional research that proves otherwise. Marriage works! And for any couple seeking a lifetime of happiness, iti works really, really well! It’s time to again shout this from our rooftops.”

Robert Lewis, Pastor, Founder – Men’s Fraternity