11 Signs You Can Totally Trust Your Partner

Reader’s Digest Article by Marissa Laliberte
While part of trust is simply taking your partner’s word, these little indicators make it easier to know you’re in a loving, stable relationship.

Is Marriage Really That Bad?

I may not be a marriage expert, but I heard one speak at a Right from the Start luncheon held Thursday at the St. Luke Ministry Center on 11th Street [Columbus, Georgia]. And she confirmed my nagging suspicion that marriage has been maligned. Article in the Ledger-Enquirer by Alva James-Johnson

Huntley Street: Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages

Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages: Do the Little Things. Shaunti spent three years interviewing and surveying 1,000 couples to uncover the most important habits of the most happily married couples – what are they doing differently, that they may not even realize is making them so happy, that others can replicate?

Charisma News Part 2: Should You Tell Your Wife About Your Porn Problem?

From wives to moms, women are front and center in the war against porn. But what role should women play? Where are the lines?
Charisma News caught up with them to get some insights. You can still read part one of this interview: "What Women Don’t Understand About Men Who Struggle With Pornography."

Huntley Street: Divorce Rate is Not 50% Among Church Goers

Eye-opening, life-changing truths about relationships, both at home and in the workplace. In her books “The Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages" and "The Good News About Marriage" Shaunti Feldhahn is giving couples and the culture hope that great marriages are possible, likely, and simpler than most people think.

Faith Street On Faith: Are Women the Solution to the Porn Epidemic?

We have never experienced life through a man’s eyes, so most of us have no idea of the challenges a godly man or boy faces every day. Women have heard that “men are visual,” but we don’t truly understand what that means. This is one reason all the excellent work being done hasn’t yet made a systemic difference to the problem of porn in the church.