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A Note from Shaunti:

Over the years, I have been honored to work with so many counselors, coaches, pastors, marriage therapists, women’s ministry directors and other leaders who work with families, marriages and relationships. We and our research are here to help you help them.  So we are adding this page to our site as a central place for you.

This area will be built up more in the coming months, but for now our hope is that you will find a few things here that will help you in your coaching and in your leadership of others. If you have any questions for me or my team please email Charlyn Elliott at as to how we might serve you. –Shaunti

Through a Man’s Eyes – the Resource You’ve Been Waiting For

Click here to read my announcement about my latest book, Through a Man’s Eyes. Read the article I wrote for here.



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One way we would like to help you help them is with our NEW Special Quarterly Newsletter for Leaders. Each newsletter will contain helpful tools for you and those you work with as well as new research findings. You will be the first to know! It will also include information which you can use as a handout for your clients. To sign up for the Leaders Newsletter click here.



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Two-Page Sample of Findings About Men, Women, Teens, and Happy Marriages

Click here to download a two-page summary of some of the most helpful eye-opening findings about men, women and teens from Shaunti’s research. (This was Shaunti’s handout from the American Association of Christian Counselors conference)


Click here to download a two-page summary of some of the suprising secrets of happiest marriages from Shaunti’s research and book, Surprising Secrets of Highly Happy Marriages.