True Love

The past three years, I have been researching the things that set happy couples apart from other couples. One of the things I discovered is that happy couples have an overt sense of gratitude for their spouse. This video brought home in a very tangible way just what this looks like. Most of us will never be challenged to the…read more →

One Last Dance

“Your effort to be present, both physically and emotionally, sends an important message.” For Parents Only: Getting Inside the Head of Your Kid by Shaunti Feldhahn and Lisa Rice Here’s the story of one father who took “being present” to a whole new level…get out your tissues…you’re going to need them.

What Do Women/Men Really Want?

Many of us laughed years ago while watching Mel Gibson try to figure out What Women Want. The things he thought women wanted turned out to be the very things that turned them off. What was the problem? He was clueless about the real need of women. The same thing could likely be said of us as women in identifying the…read more →

Insecurity in Men

One of the most challenging topics for women to receive relates to insecurity in men.  Do you find yourself relating to this clip at all?  

A Happy Husband

Shaunti shares a comment from a reader with a very happy husband after she read For Women Only.

Loving Her Anyway

Loving Her Anyway

If it seems like your wife is picking fights, it’s not to be cruel; she is subconsciously making sure you love her, no matter what.  


Shaunti discusses men’s hidden and unrecognized insecurities.

Q & A You are Beautiful!

A few pointers on how to let a woman know that you find her beautiful. Don’t just assume she knows!