For Women Only: The Lifeway Bible Study Leader Kit

For Women Only: The Lifeway Bible Study Leader Kit

Find out what he’s really thinking…

This leader kit includes one copy of For Women Only: The Bible Study and two DVDs. Through video women are introduced to author Shaunti Feldhahn and hear how the exciting revelations in For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men came about. Between sessions, participants will complete five readings as they prepare for the next group meeting. When the group meets again, Shaunti will, via video, unravel the mystery of manhood as she deals with fascinating new secrets revealed through her extensive interviews and groundbreaking survey of hundreds of men.

This DVD study comes with one study guide which has a leader’s guide in the back that provides suggestions for use with a large or small group. Each participant will need their own study guide, For Women Only Bible Study Member Book, which can be purchased separately. The format of this study is entertaining and appropriate for anyone new to bible study, yet still insightful for the well-seasoned bible student. Singles, newly-weds, and not-so-newly-weds all can benefit from the revelations in this study—things you may have heard, but didn’t quite understand the implications. Leaders can adapt this study to run anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half and can be easily adapted for use in a home, church or Sunday school setting.

The DVD sessions contain:

  • An introductory session: Unraveling the Mystery of Manhood (26 minutes)
  • Session 1: Your Love is Not Enough (29 minutes)
  • Session 2: The Performance of a Lifetime (21 minutes)
  • Session 3: The World on His Shoulders (20 minutes)
  • Session 4: Sex Changes Everything (21 minutes)
  • Session 5: Keeper of the Visual Rolodex (28 minutes)
  • Session 6: The Power of a Woman in Love (15 minutes)
  • Bonus Material: Meet Shaunti and Jeff (28 minutes) and “The Man Inside of Me” Music Video (3 minutes)

The For Women Only Bible Study Member Book is the companion participant guide  to the Lifeway For Women Only DVD Bible Study. Each chapter goes along with a correlating video session in the Lifeway For Women Only DVD Bible Study. They can be purchased separate from the leader kit.

Lifeway has produced complimentary addendum resources to use in conjunction with your For Women Only bible study. You can print a legal size or standard 8″x11″ size poster and put your own date and location information for your study, retreat planning ideas, and more. You can also see a sample of both the Student Guide and the DVD. If you don’t want to miss these helpful resources, click here.

Here are a few comments from some of the women in the For Women Only: The Bible Study DVD:

  • Thanks so much Shaunti for your book, workbook and survey. We have just finished the class and have had 35 in attendance. We purchased workbooks and watched the dvd and Wednesday we will listen to you and your husband being interviewed. I must say I have been married 43 years and have truly learned something new each week. Great stuff, and plan to show it again next year.
  • Just want to thank you for your Bible study! There are so many stories of changed marriages, changed attitudes, open conversations between spouses, many ah-ha moments, 2 marriages most likely saved, women who never realized what they were saying was disrespectful, shared encouragement, lots of questions, lots of laughter and tears, too.
  • What a POWERFUL study. As I read the book and study guide, it’s as if this book was written just for me as it pinpoints exactly how I act towards my husband. Wow it’s started conversations between me and (my husband) about respect, and as Shaunti says, I had no clue he perceived what I say/do as lack of respect.
  • This study has been a blessing by opening up many conversations with (my husband) and passing on some of my wisdom to the younger women at our table. OH how I wish I would have had this information as (my husband) and I started out.
  • I really like this study. It’s helped me out tremendously! My boyfriend’s noticed a difference and I feel better about things. I think I have a tendency to nag and this has really helped me not to.
  • I have taken in A LOT of great information about being a good wife and obedient daughter to God. Since taking the class I have been much more relaxed about when my husband gets home; my duties as a homemaker (taking more pride in getting things done); how important it is for me to make my husband feel he is the most important man in my life and how much I appreciate him getting up so early every day to slay the dragon for me and (our children).
  • I feel that this class and book are a wonderful refresher course about regarding and treating your husband the way you (hopefully) did when you were first married and before you got soooo busy with raising children, etc. I see it as a kind of “sensitivity training” course—to remember, or learn, that our husbands are much more sensitive to things than we realize (or remember). (from a woman married over 20 years)
  • This study really helped get me on the right track for things I could do to help my marriage that I wasn’t even aware of. And I am still amazed at the results it produced in my husband and therefore in our relationship.
  • It was helpful to read the book at the same time as the study. All of the chapters have some good insights. A couple of chapters in the study may be familiar or easy to learn, a couple you may find harder, but a couple will be VERY hard to hear and do. For me that was chapters 4 and 5 (Sex Changes Everything and Keeper of the Visual Rolodex), but it may be different for everyone. It was very hard for me to attend the study in those weeks, but I went and I am better for it.
  • What this class did for me the most was to help me know how to help my kids when they start dating. I already bought the book for young women and can’t wait to start reading it. I hope it comes in handy raising teens! I really enjoyed this class and was happy to have the opportunity to get to know some wonderful ladies.
  • I must admit this bible study was extremely challenging to apply at first, as most lifestyle changes often are. I began to take baby steps in applying what I was learning in our study group and applying these lessons into my marriage. I could see the difference in my husband’s demeanor, he seemed to stand taller. One day my husband confided that he and my friend’s husband had noticed a change in our attitudes towards them, they were impressed and liked what they were seeing in their wives. What they were seeing was r-e-s-p-e-c-t! And what I saw in my husbands eyes was love. I am so very sorry I didn’t have a clue, before this class, what I was not giving him.