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10 years ago …

FWO-card-book-cover-w-SHauntiShaunti began her survey for her book For Women Only: What You Need to Know About the Inner Lives of Men, which became an overnight best-seller and was followed quickly by it’s companion book For Men Only.


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the “only” family of books grew …


and grew …

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and today… 10 years later

The research for the “Only” series,  based on more than 12,000 interviews and seven nationally – representative surveys of men, women and teens, has revealed the foundational truths that everyone must know about what is most important (and most hurts) the most important people in their lives.

For Women Only and For Men Only  have a new look on the outside and new research on the inside, updated with all the new research and information learned over the last ten years including the brain science behind why men and women often feel the way they do. Each book has updates throughout each chapter as well as a new chapter which unveils a new discovery since the original books came out.

For Women Only Excerpt


  For Men Only Excerpt