My Personal Life


I live in Atlanta with my entrepreneur husband, Jeff, and two young children. As you can see from the picture, Jeff and I also have two adorable kids, a daughter who is in middle school years, and a son in elementary school. Yes the picture is out-dated because we are enjoying life at warp speed. They are a delight in our lives, and we are so grateful for them!

From time to time, interviewers or readers want a detailed overview of how I came to be where I am, including information about my childhood, how I met my husband, how I got into writing, and so on. You can find all the details on of my story here.  Go get a drink, diet Coke is my favorite, and prepare to use your scroll bar!

An important note: Many who hear me speak or read my books or columns hold beliefs that are different from mine. A primary goal in all of my work is to investigate, analyze and share my research findings and opinions in a way that is respectful of all people.  My beliefs are important to me, and I enjoy sharing my story. But we all come at life from different experiences and perspectives, and my desire is to always be respectful of others.

For questions about God, this site is interesting and