These Four Phrases Will Make You a Hero to Your Wife

These Four Phrases Will Make You a Hero to Your Wife

Guys, I know from the For Men Only research that you want to make your wife happy. And in many ways you already do! But if you want to hit the happiness jackpot, here are the four phrases that (in roughly 80% of cases) will put you into hero category:

1. “Here, let me do that…” Saying “What can I do to help?” is fantastic. Stepping in and taking something off her hands feels to her as if a couple of dozen roses were dropped in by parachute.

2. “You’re right, I didn’t do that quite right. Show me again.” Let me guess: when you stepped in to take something off her hands, she corrected you or showed you a “better” way to do it… right? So you thought Nothing I do is good enough for you, and you backed off. Men, here’s what you need to know: we women truly have no idea that you secretly worry about being inadequate. So when your wife implies something wasn’t done right (the way you dressed the kids, the way you cleaned the kitchen), she simply doesn’t understand why that would make you upset. She doesn’t intend to criticize you; she’s merely taking you at your word that you really want to help and showing you how best to help. If you can believe the best of your wife’s intentions, assume she is not secretly thinking you’re an idiot, and hang in there instead of backing off… you will truly be a superhero to the woman you love.

Tweet this: “Most women truly have no idea that men secretly worry about being inadequate.”

3. “I’m angry and I need some space. But I’ll be back in a bit. We’re okay.” When you’re furious or hurt and need to get some air (or time in your man cave), you’re trying to process the argument with your wife. You’re figuring out what you are thinking. Or maybe you’re just doing work stuff and have switched off the “husband” box in your brain to deal with later. But regardless, your wife is standing outside the man cave with her stomach in knots. She’s subconsciously wondering if this is the argument that hurts your love for her. She may go about her day, but if she’s like most women in the research, part of her brain is worrying, Are we okay…?  So reassure her before you get that space; you’ll be protecting her from hours of subconscious stress or even pain.

4. “I’m so sorry that happened. How did that feel?” Because you want to be a hero to your wife, your instinct is to say, “I’m so sorry that this bad thing happened at work– here’s what I suggest to fix it.” You think being a hero means removing what caused the pain. Right? But for most women (although not all) removing what caused the pain is Step Two. Step One is helping her talk through all those jangling feelings she’s dealing with. Because of the way the female brain is wired, that is what will reduce the pain most. After a few minutes, you’ll see her tension ease as she feels heard and cared for her. Then you can move on to Step Two to solve the problem if needed. But more importantly: she’ll feel so loved. And you’ll have the satisfaction of another superhero job well done.

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Helping people thrive in life and relationships is Shaunti Feldhahn’s driving passion, supported by her research projects and writing. After starting out with a Harvard graduate degree and experience on Wall Street, her life took an unexpected shift into relationship research. She now is a popular speaker around the world and the author of best-selling books about men, women, and relationships. (Including For Women Only, For Men Only, and the groundbreaking The Good News About Marriage).

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  1. Desperate for wife's love and respect says:

    Um no. It does not happen this way. I have done all four of these things and a TON more and I have never been a hero in my wife’s eyes. She doesn’t respect me or desire me or love me and all I’ve ever done is try to treat her like a queen. In return, she has lost respect for me because I have done this and she has gone so far as to have an emotional affair for two years with our youth pastor that we left our church of 9 years and are still trying to recover from. So no, please don’t say these four little comments will make you a hero to your wife. She either will respect and love and desire you and look at you as a hero or she won’t. And boy is it hard to be on the side where she doesn’t and you still love her and want to please her but don’t get those things reciprocated back.

    • momc2u says:

      You’re right. It isn’t 100% guaranteed, but still good advice. I’m a wife who tries to say and do all the right things in a marriage much like yours. What has brought me peace (but not success) is realizing that I’m saying and doing all those things the please my Savior. I’ve determined to live for the glory of God even if my husband never loves me or appreciates me. I figure after all that Christ suffered on my behalf, it’s a small sacrifice to make… and as a bonus I’m storing up treasures in heaven.
      Praying for you to wildly experience peace and joy from our Lord.

  2. Rochelle says:

    I appreciate your comment! I think Shaunti’s suggestions are only meant for those is relationships based on mutual care, not when there are affairs, porn, emotional abuse etc. Hang in there! A Jesuit once told me that turn the other cheek doesn’t mean “here hit me again”, instead it means turn yourself in a defensive and protective stance. I did. And I love my life now.

  3. Jen says:

    Yes! But nr 3 should be on top of the hero list!!! That attitude really is frustrating!

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